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During the beginning of the second half of the 20th century when Dhaka began to expand its boundary, certain areas along the Mirpur road began to emerge as high-value land. One of those areas was Lalmatia north of Dhanmondi. Named for the red colored dirt found in the area and the red-bricked houses, Lalmatia still continue to be one of the most sought-after locations for people to live in Dhaka. It offers many things that people look for in a neighborhood. So today, we’ll be looking at some of those reasons for living in Lalmatia.

Neatly Organized

Wonderful building in Lalmatia
The organized neighborhood allows proper maintenance to take place

One of the first things people will notice when visiting Lalmatia is how neatly organized it is. The entire area, even though modest in size, is divided into several blocks, from A to H. People living in Lalmatia have formed sub-housing societies based on this division to maintain and improve their lifestyle. As a result, life in Lalmatia is often very calm and peaceful. The area is primarily a residential area with a few private organizations and NGOs. And as far as security goes, residents of Lalmaita can sleep easy knowing that the security guards hired by Lalmatia Residential Society are protecting the area.

Major Roads

Traffic jam on Mirpur road
The Mirpur Road is always busy

Lalmatia is located on the nexus of three major roads; the Sat Masjid Road, the Mirpur Road, and the Manik Mia Avenue. These roads allow people living in Lalmatia to quickly travel to and from various important areas of the city. By taking the Sat Masjid Road, residents can travel to any part of Dhanmondi and enjoy all the facilities of the area. The Mirpur Road can be used to reach greater Mirpur and Shyamoli, while the Manik Mia Avenue opens the gateway to Farmgate, Tejgaon, and Hatirjeel. Aside from the major roads, Lalmatia’s proximity to Mohammadpur allows residents to travel there easily, where a lot of startups are opening up offices. This meeting of major roads is one of the major reasons for living in Lalmatia.

Fun Evenings

Restaurants in Dhanmondi
One of the major benefits of living in Lalmatia is its proximity to Dhanmondi

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of restaurants in Dhanmondi and even more places to hang out. Since Lalmaita is next to Dhanmondi, the residents can take advantage of all the benefits of the area. Places like Ozz Café and Live Kitchen are there to provide delicious meals, and Dhanmondi Lake is a great choice for spending an afternoon in a natural environment. There’s also Bengal Book where a bibliophile can enjoy a cup of coffee with a good book. For many, this is one of the deciding reasons for living in Lalmatia.

Modern Healthcare Facilities

Ibn Sina medical facility
Medical facilities in Lalmatia and Dhanmondi provide utmost medical care

Every great residential area should have access to modern healthcare facilities and Lalmatia is no different. There are eye hospitals, fertility medical centers, and specialized child hospitals in the area. Not to mention many other dispensaries where you can get local and foreign medication. While Lalmatia itself has a number of good medical centers within its boundary, nearby Dhanmondi has some of the best medical centers in the entire city. During medical emergencies, a person can reach a proper facility in a few minutes from Lalmatia.

Excellent Education

Oxford International School
The Oxford International School is one of the prominent English Standard educational institutes in Dhaka

One of the main aspects that parents look for when choosing a place to live is proximity to good educational institutions. There are several prestigious schools and colleges in the area where people from all over the city send their children to learn. One of the most prominent among these is the St. Joseph School. It is well-known for its faculty and the education it provides. And if you want to enroll your children into a good English medium educational institute, then there’s the Oxford International School.

Getting a New Look

Black pain and roller
A lot of renovation and work is currently going on in Lalmatia

In a megacity like Dhaka, nothing ever truly remains the same for too long. Things are always changing for the better. Lalmatia is now getting a new makeover not much in terms of cosmetic, but rather in terms of infrastructure. The government is working towards fixing some of the issues that have been plaguing the people living in Lalmatia. New drainage systems are being placed and potholes are being fixed to improve the living condition of the residents.

Lalmatia is no doubt one of the more sleeping giants when it comes to delivering quality living conditions. There are plenty of reasons for living in Lalmatia than just these though. And apartments in Lalmatia are more in-demand than ever. So if you want to live in a place, where comfort and convenience meet, choose Lalmatia.

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