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Nestled between Mohammadpur, Kallyanpur, and Agargaon, Shyamoli is a hidden gem for those looking to raise their families. The area often gets overlooked by people who want to live in a place that offers facilities for quality family living. However, closer inspection reveals it has great potential. So, if you aren’t well acquainted with Shyamoli, you might ask, ‘What makes the area good for family living?’ To answer that very question, we’ve compiled a few reasons and benefits of living in Shyamoli in this article.

Close to Home

cinema hall in Mirpur
Mirpur is just a short distance away from Shyamoli

One of the biggest benefits of living in Shyamoli is having everything you need so close to home. Even though the area is full of amenities to enjoy life to the fullest, residents of Shyamoli have easy access to the facilities of nearby areas as well. While Shyamoli may only have a handful of noteworthy eateries, its close proximity to Mohammadpur, which is also a hotspot for startups, enables Shyamoli residents to taste the numerous tremendous foods available there. Mirpur is another area that’s just a little down the road from Shyamoli, as is Kallyanpur and Gabtoli. As such, people living in Shyamoli can take advantage of all the facilities of those areas.

Quality Education

Mohammadpur Govt. High School
There are several public and private schools in the area

When it comes to raising a family, education is always a primary concerns. So, the fact that a number of good educational institutes are located in and nearby the area is definitely one of the biggest benefits of living in Shyamoli. Mohammadpur Govt. High School, Dhaka Residential Model College as well as several educational institutes for special children are in and around the area. These institutes offer top of the line education; so parents can rest easy knowing that their children are in safe hands.

Open Fields and Amusement Spots

Like quality education, children need open spaces to play. Green fields, vast playgrounds, and an amusement park; that’s what parents will find when living in Shyamoli. Shyamoli Children Park, Shyamoli Club Playground, and many other playgrounds provide children the opportunity to stretch their legs and play around. Thanks to these playgrounds, children of Shyamoli have access to something that many don’t have – wide-open spaces. And not only playgrounds, Shyamoli also has a children’s amusement park in the form of Dhaka Shishu Mela. Even though the official name of the park is DNCC Wonderland, most refer to its earlier name of Dhaka Shishu Mela.

Fresh Groceries

Produce for sell
Produce tends to be less expensive in Kacha Bazars

Children need fresh vegetables and food to grow up strong, and Shyamoli has a number of places where residents can get some. Shyamoli Kacha Bazar, Mohammadpur Krishi Market, and Adabor Kacha Bazar have fresh nutritious produce for sell all year round. Here, residents can bargain and find the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Or if you want to buy your groceries from a quieter and less crowded place, there are plenty of super shops to go around in Shyamoli.

Healthcare Facilities

Dhanmondi and Mirpur have some of the best healthcare facilities in Dhaka. Luckily, both of these areas can be quickly accessed from Shyamoli. However, Shyamoli itself is no slouch either. There are more than a handful of diagnostic centers, clinics, and even mental hospitals in the area. The National Institute of Kidney Diseases & Urology and the National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease are also close by. These two hospitals, in particular, are considered to be two of the best places in the entire country for kidney and heart-related treatment.

There are plenty of benefits of living in Shyamoli. Residents there enjoy all the facilities a modern metropolis has to offer. It can be the perfect neighborhood for anyone, but if you are looking to raise a family, there are very few places that can beat Shyamoli. You can check out more about the area here! And if you want to move into this wonderful area, then check out the many apartments for rent in Shyamoli.


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