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“Be brave. Take risks.

Nothing can substitute experience”

– Paulo Coelho

For the first time, Bproperty has taken part in REHAB Fair 2017, being the very first Co-sponsor as an e-commerce real estate marketplace in Bangladesh. With a vision to spread our wings throughout the country’s real estate pitch, we promise to cater all ins and outs of any property affairs in Bangladesh. Henceforth, that includes collaborating with property developers, marketing, selling and renting properties, advice on legal aids associated with property issues and access to financial funding as well.

Visitor Overviews we received

“ I have learned about the company from Internet and Newspaper and also looked for information on website ”

“You got the networking with the developers and keep record about developer’s whereabouts of their constructions ”

“ I have come here to look for a house that supports resilience and affordability ”

Property Developers Acknowledgement

“Bproperty can lead a customer to a quality and desired product, providing accurate guidelines.”

 – Mr. Ashraf  [General Manager (Sales), Building Technology & Ideas Limited]

“In developed countries, real estate is being carried out by two different parts – doing construction and doing marketing. We want to bring this system in Bangladesh. So GM Holdings will take the responsibility of construction and Bproperty will take the responsibility of marketing.”

 –  Mr. Shahinoor Rahman [COO, GM Holdings, Deshbondhu Group]

“Bproperty has set a remarkable contribution concerning the service demanded by time. I am hopeful, Bproperty will take this industry forward through their activities.”

 – Mohammad Shamim [Managing Director (Dipti Abason Limited), Member of REHAB Fair Standing Committee]

What “we” foresee as A team

“We have been in Bangladesh for over two years. And we essentially connect buyers and sellers. Our storefront is the online website, but then we have a strong offline process where we actually aid the selling process.”

– Mark Nosworthy  (CEO, Bproperty)

We have the most innovative service for real estate consumers in Bangladesh. We offer all types of solution like financial, legal vetting and giving multiple options compared to other companies to all the consumers who want to buy real estate.

–  Rejbeen Ahsan (Head of Operations, Bproperty)

“We want to educate people of Bangladesh about real estate industry.”

– Nur Akter Chowdhury (Marketing Executive, Bproperty)

“By 2018, our plan is to spread all over Bangladesh.”

– Nafis Shahnawaz (Head of Product Acquisition, Bproperty)

Everyone’s positivity and interest towards Bproperty have made us driven to deliver the smartest real estate service to property consumers throughout Bangladesh. We are overwhelmed by your response and love and promise to honor your trust on us for your every real estate prerequisite.


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