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Do you know how much it costs per unit of energy spent? According to the Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (BPDC), for the first 50 units spent, it costs BDT 3.50 per unit. And if you go over 50 units, the charge is instead BDT 4 per unit. Charge per unit keeps going up. And then you have to keep in mind demand charge, VAT and things like that. So the best way to save ourselves from these expenses is to reduce our usage of electricity. There is no shortage in the appliances using electricity; something we notice every time there is load-shedding. So we spend a lot, but do you know which equipment pulls the most load or how to reduce your electricity bill? Let’s find out more…


Fridge are always on, so the bill is always high

No matter how much electricity the TV, fans, lights oven and computer use, they’re generally on for small periods of time. For example, fans don’t run as much in the winter, the oven only runs to heat food, and lights are only used during dark. But of the appliances that run 24 hours, the most consuming is ironically the one you store food in; the refrigerator or deep-freeze. Just think about it; other than when it breaks down or you clean it, when do you ever turn it off? An appliance that runs all day long without a break is bound to rack up the bill. Over a year, a fridge can use anywhere between 250 and 800 units of electricity, so be careful when using one.

  • Getting a new fridge can save you an immense amount in the long run
  • Don’t let ice gather in your freezer as this reduces the performance, consuming more power to work better. Clear out ice as soon as you see half a centimeter of ice develop
  • Learn to use the thermostat inside. You might not always need the same temperature. Fiddle with it as necessary to keep reduce your electricity bill as low as possible.
  • Don’t leave the door open! Get used to arranging things inside in a manner that lets you quickly choose or store the things you need to reduce the time the door remains open.

Air Conditioners and Coolers

air conditioner
Temperature related appliances consume a lot of electricity

After fridges, the most consuming appliance is the AC. The climate here is fairly refreshing and not very extreme. Even just a few years ago you wouldn’t see many ACs. but with time changes people’s mentality and ability to spend, as does the price of ACs. now households have multiple units. But even with lower prices, total costs aren’t dropping thanks to the amount of electricity they consume. So how do you reduce your electricity bill?

  • Have a professional check AC components at least once a year. It’s very important for AC insulation and gas levels to be within limits in order for it to work efficiently.
  • Cover all the tiny spaces to keep cold air from escaping and reducing the pressure put on the unit.
  • Insulate the room to stop the cold from getting out or heat from getting in too much. Then when the room gets really cold, you can just turn it off and still enjoy the cool temperature for a while.


Sucking the water out of air is tough business

The main reason for the immense heat in our country is humidity which makes the heat feel like it’s sticking to us. A dehumidifier is meant to reduce the feel of this indoors. It’s still not very popular in the country, but with the way temperatures are increasing, seeing them show up in more and more homes down the line shouldn’t be too surprising. And this simple device can increase your electricity consumption greatly.

Water Heater, Pump, Washing Machine, etc

washing machine
Washing machines need a lot of power

Another huge consumer of electricity is most water related equipment. Even though winter doesn’t get to extreme levels, we often sees houses outfitted with water heaters. These draw a lot of power within a short usage window causing surprising spikes in the bill.

Now the heater may only be used occasionally, but the water pump runs everyday. And not only does it pump water, it pumps money out of your pockets. We also see lots of people in Dhaka now using washing machines which are huge consumers of electricity. The best way to reduce your electricity bill is to use these appliances only when absolutely necessary.

A modern life without electricity is impossible. But with the cost of living increasing, we have to keep in mind our electricity consumption levels and we need to be careful. Do might these tips help you? What else can you do to reduce your electricity bill at home?

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