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But just functionality won’t do. You really need to add some aesthetics. Time has brought with it many different styles of home design. A modern home design isn’t enough anymore. What’s home that doesn’t have a little reflection of your personality? Just a little can change the very outlook of your home. We all know the basics of decorating our homes. Our blog is also full of articles you can look to to help you on your designing ways as well. Articles about dining room designs, home entrance ideas, beautiful ceilings, and paint finishes that can all be found on our site.

Lots of us like taking the path less used. These are the people that need to do everything a little different from everyone else; and leave a bit of themselves visible in their work. This article is for those people who want to have a reflection of your personality in their homes.

Collect a few of your old heirlooms

antique furniture
Antiques can be quite exquisite

If you have things from back in your grandparents’ time, you’re a lucky one. Things from back then were definitely wonderful and vintage. These can be things like cooking utensils, an old deer wall-decoration or even furniture. These have their own sentiments to them and you might want to keep them visible around the house. You might even want to use the old furniture if it’s a good reflection of your personality. All this will add a deep outlook to the place.

Hobby Before all else

shelves of radios
What hobbies do you have?

We all have hobbies. Bring them forward. If you’re a musician, have your instruments out and visible. You’ll even practice more if it’s right there. Some people love painting. Hang your artwork around the home to bring it alive. Some people are into plants. Maybe you want to try your hand at raising a Bonsai plant? Have one in the house. And if you’re an avid reader, get yourself a small library for your favorite writers. All these little things leave a huge reflection of your personality.

Spend time on DIY

Make your house your own with things you made!

If you really want your space to stand out from the rest, you have to make some stuff on your own. There are tons of things around the house you can use to create new things and there are even more DIY videos on the internet you can see to get ideas and inspiration. Maybe you could paint a part of the house yourself. Sure it might not be as polished work as that of a professionals, but you might still love it.

Buy artwork

Art knows no bounds. Neither should your home.

If you’re a lover of art, don’t hesitate. Even if you don’t understand it, go out and get what looks good to you and make space in your house to have it on display. Art is a funny subject so you may have to create a unique space for it, considering there are so many types you could want around the house. Whether some artwork or a sculpture, you’ll want flattering spots for them. Art pieces are also great for entertaining guests apart from changing the atmosphere of your home.

Something to tell a story

wall of pictures
Let your story be heard

This could be a wall with pictures from all over your childhood into your adulthood. Or maybe a canvas wall with your favorite personal stories; maybe even some secrets only ever told here. You could even have souvenirs from trips of the past that you write a little something about. Personal stories will definitely add the reflection of your personality that is so important to us.

If you can add a piece of yourself to every brick in the house, it truly becomes a home worth living in. Just try adding a reflection of your personality to your house and see if you can go back to the old style of living.

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