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Surrounded by lush greenery, the riverine country of Bangladesh is full of natural wonders. From imposing mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and dense forests to serene sea beaches, our beautiful country lacks nothing in terms of breathtaking places. This makes it a fantastic destination for travelers who crave wonder. But today we will discuss some places that are either hidden in the forest or in a location so remote that it may take a long route to reach there. These places are devoid of all the modernities of the present yet possess a vibe that can keep anyone mesmerized. That being said, here are the most remote places in Bangladesh.


The sun is rising in a village
Singpa village is the most remote place you will find in Bangladesh
N.B. – Not an actual photo of Singpa village

Tucked away inside the dense forest of Bandarban, Singpa is one of the most remote places in Bangladesh. If you are not much of a traveler yourself, chances are you haven’t even heard of this place. Located in the most southeastern part of Bangladesh, the village is so isolated that depending on the season, it may take over half a day for the locals to travel to the nearest town in Remakri and almost a day and a half to reach Thanchi, a sub-district of Bandarban. 

People here are ethnic minorities. Although the number of residents living in the village is not certain, one can only estimate that it would not be much. The livelihood of the entire village depends on cultivation, farming animals, and fishing.

If you want to experience the unblemished beauty of this place, you have to endure the hectic boat journey to reach the place. There is no physical road connecting the village with nearby habitable areas. You have to rely only on the boat and your own feet. Be warned, take proper precautions before visiting the place. Lesser-known areas can be inviting to life-threatening incidents.

Chera Dwip of St. Martin’s Island

sea beach with coral
It may take more than two hours to reach chhera dwip on foot

If you were to ask the most suitable and ideal place to enjoy the sunset or sunrise, what place would you name? Odds are, most people may end up saying the name St. Martin’s Island. The island is located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh and 9 km inside the Bay of Bengal. Completely disconnected from the mainland, there is no physical route connecting the island.

Discovered almost 250 years ago by an Arabian sailor, it was first named “Jazeera”. But locals call it “Narikel jinjira”. The weather is very unpredictable here. As the weather pattern changes, the view of the island changes along with it. Different periods of the day evoke different vibes.

Chera Island or Chera Dwip is an extension of St. Martin’s and is located at the most southeastern side of the main island. This uninhabited island gets divided by the sea during the high tides. During low tide, it can take more than 2 hours to reach there on foot. But there are other means of transportation including motorboat, tourist boat, van, or even bicycle that you can avail to reach one of the most remote places in Bangladesh.

Sajek Valley

bangladesh khagrachari sajek valley
Autumn and Late Autumn are two of the perfect seasons to visit sajek Valley

Imagine a road winding through a valley almost 1,476 feet above sea level and where the clouds unite the land to create a heavenly ambiance. Sajek valley, also known as the “Queen of hills” is exactly like the image that you portrayed in your imagination. It is located near the India-Bangladesh border and among the hills of the Kasalong mountain range in Rangamati district.

The natives of Sajek are from different communities such as the Chakma, Marma, Tripura. So the cultures and traditions are also diverse. Most people depend on cultivation and fishing for a living.

The place is connected by only a narrow meandering road that also has high peaks and steep falls. One has to travel at least 67km north-east from Khagrachhari main town by “Chander Gari” (a modified jeep). Although Sajek valley is one of the remotest places in Bangladesh, it is an emerging tourist destination for its sublime beauty and picturesque views of mountains and clouds.

Dublar Char

a photo of seashore
The char is located in the dense forest of Sundarbans

Nestled inside the largest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarban, Dublar char is an island completely isolated from the mainland. Located in the southwest part of Bangladesh, Dublar char is amongst the most remote places in Bangladesh. The island is also known as “Jele Gram (Village of Fishermen)” because the majority of people living there are fishermen.

Besides fishing, people here also get busy with the fish drying process. During monsoon, Dublar char becomes heavenly and is one of the best places to visit. Fishermen from across the country come here for four months just to catch and dry fish. Dublar char is an interesting place for another reason. Every year, around the month of November, devotees of the Hindu religion gather here for the Raash Mela Festival.

However, the voyage to Dublar char is not easy. First, you have to go to the Mongla port and then take a trawler or launch to finally reach the place. You may have to take two trawler rides to Dublar char. Or you can rent a private trawler from Khulna to reach there. It will take almost 7 – 8 hours to reach the place from Mongla port and even longer from Khulna.

The thing about all the most remote places in Bangladesh is, it is now less about the distance and more about the modern facility such as electricity, water supply, transportation and road infrastructures that an area lacks.

If you are an adventure-loving person who loves traveling into the unknown, take a visit to one of these places and share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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