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Those of us who live in rental apartments in busy cities, we know how big of a hassle shifting our homes can be. Also, rent is such an issue that varies with location. That is why, prior to shifting, we do a little research to find the suitable space. However, hardly any of us take into account that it is not just apartment space that matters, location plays a vital role as well, especially if you are planning to live in a rental apartment. So, how does location effect on the rental apartment you choose?

Rent varies with location, Obviously!

Undoubtedly, the location has an impact on the monthly rental amount. As we browse through the neighborhood to neighborhood for the most suitable apartment at an affordable rent, surprisingly, there are no fixed monthly rent amount in a particular area. Hence, we tirelessly go to apartments and buildings in search of the desired one. However, finding the perfect match between need and affordability is not the hard thing to do if you have the right property agent with you.

A streetview from Block D, Bashundhara R/A
Scenic view from Block D, Bashundhara R/A

Safety & Security of a Rental Apartment

Secondly, not every location you pick can be considered safe and secured for you and your family. Therefore, before choosing a location, one should check the adjacent areas as well. If you think you have a really good deal but you are not so comfortable with the area, you should consider twice before moving in.

Location: Public Commute/ Bazars/ other facilities

These are the essentials of any neighborhood. Hence, you should inquire about day to day facilities that are available in your location. Public transportation & traffic can be a bit tricky to assess in our country. However, you can always collect information from your would be neighbors. Or you can simply check them on Google Maps. Additionally, ask them about the utilities as well (load-shedding, water/gas crisis etc.) and also about water logging in your desired area. Based on location, it varies a lot in our country.

A cityscape view from Chittagong
The locality of Chittagong

Your ultimate comfort

Overall your ultimate comfort depends on the location you pick cause there are several benefits associated with it. For example, based on your needs as mentioned above, you have picked a moderately posh area in Dhaka. Though it is meeting some of the requirements, the chances are that your building does not have a lift. Similarly, everything else you need might be there, but there is no parking space for your car. Hence, as a tenant, finding and matching all the necessities with availability becomes a ‘not so easy job’. Moreover, finding a suitable place like this kills a lot of your valuable time as well.

A Building view from Bashundhara R/A
Bashundhara R/A represents living within serenity

However, there is always a way out.  Instead of running from apartment to apartment, you can find the perfect one in while you enjoy your coffee on a lazy weekend morning. Bproperty brings you wide range of apartment choices, customized to your needs. It is perfect for finding the suitable rental apartment in your desired location that too within your budget! Isn’t that amazing? So if you haven’t found the one you are looking for, try searching on and guaranteed, you will not be disappointed.

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