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This past decade has transformed the relationship between Bangladesh and its housing, especially when it comes to renting. In the new decade, the entire renting and letting industry has got some new features. The rise of the population has pushed many to rent out of necessity. The economic expansion also followed which coupled with changing attitudes towards family and homeownership. This lead to the rise of the renter by choice. Renters rates expanded across the country. From nuclear families to joint, from city cores to suburbs, many Bangladeshi people have also shifted away from homeownership to renting. The business of renting and letting has also flourished in the past decade. 

dhaka city
You can easily rent a house online anywhere in the city of Dhaka.

Developers responded to the demand with a construction boom in the past decade which includes a growing number of buildings with high-end units. Meanwhile, the apartment buildings in Dhaka as well as in other parts of the country have become increasingly sophisticated, to accommodate the renters seeking quality lifestyle.

In the last couple of years, continually analyzed major directions in renting, the average cost of rents in multiple areas as well as housing trends. We have also examined a number of economic and demographic indicators to get an overview of the housing trends that contributed to the overall prospectus of the country.

Online renting is already transforming the entire market of the real estate business. The online rental industry at present is one of the most significant markets to explore and has opened up several new opportunities. This industry is expanding day by day. Since this trend is new and expeditiously gaining traction, proper implementation will provide a significant competitive infrastructure and growth. These online systems can conduct day-to-day research, organize property listings, enhance availability, process references and provide every bit of information, instantly, all within a few clicks of a mouse. 

bproperty snapshot has made life easier by introducing online renting facilities

Letting home/office space requires hectic processes of advertising and in most cases, reach is absolutely limited to a certain area and to very small demography. The same goes for the people searching for a home/office space to rent. In both cases, it requires a manic level of physical labor, time, energy as well as psychological gymnastics to find and seal the deal. For the landowner, it is to find a preferential tenant and for the tenant, to find an affordable space and the desired landowner.

We recognize that the entire manual process of letting and renting a property is highly troublesome. It drains a lot of energy and takes immense physical labor. Here are the “five reasons why” you should make your life easier by going digital for renting and letting: 

Search for your property online 24/7  

People who are looking for a home to rent can easily filter their search with respect to their preferences and get their desired results. Henceforth, the entire mechanism is very convenient and functions very smartly.  

Finding the Right Tenants/Property owners

Most of the time, situations become awkward due to the incompatibility of landowners and tenants. The online platforms integrate and create a medium of introduction for an interactive environment for both parties and help them to get a stranglehold of the bargaining chip, equally. Later on, the assigned agents handle the rest of the procedures. Bproperty Rental provides you with the best service in this regard. 

Ensuring maximum security and trust by encrypting data

In sites like,,,, etc. they encrypt the database of the properties (address, commute, etc) as well as the landowner’s identity. The sites themselves work as the intermediary of creating the connection between property owners and tenants. Rest assured, your information is safe and sound, anonymous and highly protected from any form of infiltration. 

Customer Care Service 

The dedicated staff of these online platforms works as an intermediary to connect property owners with their customers. They help to match priorities and preferences for them. The staff members also negotiate for them. They organize physical meetings between them and help them with all their real estate legal issues. Then finally ensure a smooth handover is performed.

Virtual Tour and other Online-based facilities       

‍One of the most exciting, as well as efficient, features of these websites is the virtual tour aspect. This gives a 360-degree tour of the whole property. Interested customers can completely view the property before physically visiting the premise. Other features include the “Video Tour” created per listing to better showcase the place. The customers can even chat online with experts to get answers to their queries instantly. They also carry out the process through inbound calls, outbound messaging, etc. 

house prototype
Renting a house in the new decade is easy now due to the introduction of online letting and renting.

The introduction of online platforms has made renting and letting procedures, easy and simple. Real estate solution companies like ltd have been working tirelessly to improve their service as well as the platform. They are making lives easier, for both the property owners and the customers. These are saving time as well as all the hassles they have to go through in the entire process. What do you think about online renting and letting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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