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Gone are the days when people used to spend days searching for their desired property to rent. Thanks to Bproperty, people can now easily find residential properties that meet their needs. Finding the ideal property that ticks all the checkboxes has always been an arduous task in Bangladesh. Roaming around different places, getting stuck in horrible traffic, and wasting valuable time was the norm.

With the introduction of Bproperty’s one-stop real estate solutions, the scenario has changed. One can now find their desired properties from the comforts of their home; that too within a very short amount of time. But if someone wants to rent a property through Bproperty, how does the journey of renting real estate in Bangladesh look like for a tenant?

A Tenant’s Journey

Renting Real Estate in Bangladesh: A Tenant's Journey
Renting Real Estate in Bangladesh: A Tenant’s Journey

It all starts from our landing page. Open your browser and go to to access our vast database of listings. Now follow these simple steps to find your desired property.

  • Fill the search criteria

Once you are on our landing page, you will see a search bar with all the filters. Use it based on your exact requirements and quickly find a huge range of property options that meet your needs.

  • Check out the information

Starting from the size, every residential listing that is up for rent comes with detailed information such as location, expected rent, amenities accessible at the site, emergency and security facility availability, and extended facilities.

  • Engage with your preferred property

After finding a property that matches your tastes, you can take a virtual tour of the property if you are interested in more details.

  • Get in touch with the property

Call our dedicated customer representative team at +88-09612110011 to request our property experts to take you on a guided viewing of the property, once you have found your property that ticks all the checkboxes of your requirements.

  • Agreements

At this point, you will be handed down the agreement with the landlord which will have every detail- service charge, down-payments, proposed tenure, and so on.

  • Handover of the Property

Once everything has finalized, the only thing that is left is to move to your new property. 

As you can see, in just 6 short steps, anyone can find their desired property without any having to involve in any hassle. Embark on the journey to find your dream house with us. Bproperty is always there to provide you the best possible service while keeping the aspects of transparency and credibility intact.

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