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There are hundreds if not thousands of styles and designs of wardrobes from various vendors. These can be branded or custom made. But these designs all fall within a specific few categories. So how do you go about that first step and choose the right type of wardrobe for yourself? Let’s take a look at what you could be looking for and which might be best for you.


small cupboard
Cupboards can be really handy within limited space

The most basic form of wardrobe, the cupboard is one you can go to any furniture shop and pick out. But it’s simplistic nature means there are tons of variations. You can have a basic cupboard, but you can also get cupboards with additional features like a dressing table and connected work table. They can also come in various shapes like the regular squarish or even L-Shapes.

Depending on the space and budget you have, you can combine features and shapes to make the perfect cupboard for you. If you are short on funds, a basic square or rectangular cupboard works great. But remember to see if it fits your needs. You may require a large mirror, lots of drawers or even a section for shoes. Check out the designs available at your local stores or ask for minor customization’s so you have precisely what you need.


built-in wardrobe
With some space, you can make very functional built-in wardrobes

In Bangladesh, built-in wardrobes have become very popular. This is of course a bit more expensive type of wardrobe as it needs to be built inside your house. Even if some parts can be made outside, much of it has to be made and assembled inside. The basic idea is to provide a space along a wall where your design can be implemented.

The great thing about these wardrobes are that they will be made to your liking and fit in perfectly with your home décor. The downside is that if you ever want to move, this probably isn’t coming with you in its original form. Modifications will probably have to be made, so expect even more expenses coming your way.

Sliding door

sliding door wardrobe
Sliding door wardrobes add a sleek look

Sliding door wardrobes are similar to built-in wardrobes in the sense that they both need to be built and compiled inside the house. However, they also generally require a previously allocated space. These wardrobes are a lot like small but wide closets with sliding doors that function as a wardrobe. With enough space, you can create all the different compartments you need to fit your needs.


walk-in wardrobe
The ultimate in luxury wardrobe

The dream wardrobe setup of anyone is a walk-in wardrobe. This is basically a modified and customized closet for all your clothes, shoes and apparel that you can walk around in. If you can, imagine yourself in your own little shop. That’s what a walk-in closet essentially feels like and that’s why it’s the ultimate goal as far as wardrobes go.

This type of wardrobe is for those with lots of clothes to wear, shoes to put on, accessories to adorn, and most importantly, lots of money to throw around. Having closet space in Dhaka is difficult to imagine on its own, let alone converting it into a wardrobe with lots of hanging space, drawers, racks and mirrors. So if you’re one of the lucky to have closet space, lots of clothes and like feeling like a king or queen, get yourself a walk-in wardrobe.

No matter the type of wardrobe you get for yourself, your goal is to store your clothes and accessories if you have compartments for it. You may have a cosy room that a regular cupboard would look perfect in or a walk-in wardrobe big enough for a bike, but if it doesn’t fit your needs, what’s the point. The primary focus should be on getting a wardrobe that suites your needs; nothing too big and nothing too small. So pick from one of these types of wardrobes before having fun with all the different designs that you can throw on.

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