What woman doesn’t secretly covet a walk-in wardrobe, with plenty of storage space for shoes, dresses and every other clothing purchase?

From the basic clothes rack to the most luxurious walk-ins, today we look at four different wardrobes to suit your needs.

The simple clothes rack

Best for: students, small spaces

This basic wardrobe option is best suited to those who are limited on space or are looking for an inexpensive way to store their clothes. Stainless steel racks are simple but can also look quite stylish – if you keep it neat and tidy. Plus, they allow you to display your great taste in fashion for all to see!

The classic built-in

Best for: homeowners

Planning on staying in your new home for a while? Then a built-in wardrobe is just the ticket. If you’ve got plenty of space to play with, considering measuring out an area for a fitted wardrobe. A built-in adds an extra level of comfort to your new home, and it is an inexpensive renovation that won’t break the bank.

The full walk-in wardrobe

Best for: professionals, shoe lovers

When you’ve got plenty of space to play with, then you might consider converting that spare room into a walk-in. This gives you the option to completely customize the space for your needs, adding extra shoe racks to help you finally get your footwear storage under control.

The luxury wardrobe room

Best for: High-maintenance fashionistas

This high-end option is every woman’s ideal. Like Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie, you get multiple compartments to house all those designer frocks, plus more mirrors than any human could ever really need. You could even go all out and add a chandelier or bathtub, like these designer walk-ins on HouseBeautiful.

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