Tech-wise, Bangladesh is becoming a land of opportunities. Thankfully, young entrepreneurs have been taking this chance to show up to the market with their fresh innovations.



Pathao is one of the fastest growing startups of Bangladesh. Starting in 2015, their initial operations were delivery parcels. However, with the way they were able to solve the commuting problems in a country where traffic congestion is one of the biggest issues, they have become one of the leading ride-sharing platforms. Along with bike hailing, Pathao also offers food and parcel deliveries. They have also launched a new section in Nepal recently. Pathao is currently worth approximately over $100 million.

The start of this company was the beginning of digitalization for the travel industry. provided an online booking platform for bus and launch tickets. They partnered up with major bus services of the country and brought them together in order to make travelling more convenient. However, shortly afterwards, they started selling tickets for all kinds of events. Recently, they launched another one of their operations called ‘Shohoz Rides’ where people can hail various kinds of transport services.

Starting from fixing air-conditioners to doing laundry, you will be provided services for any and every kind of household task. is the biggest local household service marketplace in Bangladesh. They offer services for a range of things like gadget repairs, on-demand drivers, movers, beauty services and so many more. And all of it can be found in one place – their app. They started operating in 2015 and in a span of two years; they have completed over 47,000 jobs. is currently worth over $10 million.   


Doctorola is the first of its own; an online appointment booking platform for doctors in Bangladesh. They will help you find the best doctors near you. Not only that, they also help you find hospitals and blood donors. Doctorola has over 9000 verified doctors from 63 districts. In this day and age, everything is a phone’s touch away. Among the various other rising sectors like having a career as a freelancer or booking bus tickets online, having a platform where you can get medical attention whenever you want is quite refreshing. Moreover, doctor-hunting gets easier for city dwellers always in a rush. was founded in 2013. It was one of the first online grocery shops in Bangladesh. is popular for its one-hour delivery option, brought right to your doorstep. Within a span of only a few years, it is already considered the best online grocery store in the country. In 2015, was selected in the World’s Top 10 Startup List of Y Combinator.


A concern of Ice9 Interactive, Auleek started operating in Dhaka in 2015. This startup company mixes technology with traditional architectural patterns. As a result, they can deliver high quality architectural visualizations, still images and animations. They have worked globally, with clients from many European countries, the U.S. and India.

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