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A gated community is one where the majority of the living facilities are offered in one area, protected by a gate. Urban areas in Bangladesh are under severe pressure, brought on by rising overpopulation. Unplanned residential and commercial projects are creating bottlenecks, and the standard of living in the country is plummeting.

Gated communities have risen in popularity throughout the modern world in response to population problems. Jeff Biebuyck, an estate agent for Ewing and Associates in the USA, said that gated communities offer residents three p’s: privacy, protection and prestige.

Mega gated communities offer respite from the hustle and bustle of modern metropolises. The communities offer a wealth of greenery, open spaces, playing fields, recreation centers, schools and shopping malls; everything you need for a high standard of living.

Protection is of course a paramount factor. The entire perimeter of a gated community is surrounded by walls. Entry passages are strictly controlled and kept under constant surveillance. One can relax and rest assured that personal possessions are not at risk of theft.

Throughout the world gated communities are synonymous with prestige. The state-of-the-art planned residential system ensures that people desire to live there, they offer more than just a community but a new lifestyle.

Spanning over 134.4 bighas and designed by Rupayan Group this first-of-its-kind mega gated community is sure to offer residents a superior way of living. The eco-friendly project has several jogging tracks and many playing fields. If someone is on the lookout for a distinctive- self-aware lifestyle— a gated community could be the solution.

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