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As the saying goes, “Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards”. Indeed, there are some problems in life that only desserts can seem to fix.

When talking about desserts, ice cream definitely tops the list. These scrumptious delights offer happiness much larger than the size of the cones or bowls in which they come. Let us look at some ice cream places in Dhaka to enjoy a delightful treat with your friends or family:


If you visited Thailand and were lucky, you probably came across the colorful little roadside stalls that sold ice creams. These stalls offered you delicious ice-creams, accompanied with the experience of the ‘live’ process of making them. Thanks to Dipsydo’s, you don’t have to go all the way to Thailand and can easily experience this in Lalmatia or Banani. The live process of making the ice-cream, which takes about two minutes, is just as fun as the eating experience. Pouring a milk-based liquid over a freezing cold plate, flattening it out into a thin sheet, rolling it and then squishing it into a cup before the staff hands it over. The Triple Choco Treat is their signature dish made of three rolls of chocolate ice-cream with Oreo and Kit-Kat bars, showered all over with chocolate chips. Different flavored ice-creams, waffles and cheesecakes are also available here.


With numerous outlets all over the city, Movenpick has gained popularity with its wide range of flavors and unique, irresistible taste. Being a brand of Swiss origin, Movenpick boasts to have the best selection of ingredients combined with Swiss craftsmanship. This attention to detail not only creates beautiful pieces of art on the plate, but also offers taste that stands out from all others.

Ci Gusta!  

As you enter the aqua-color place in Banani and sit for a treat, the icy, sweet smell of the ice-cream wafting throughout the place, the beads of ice dripping down the cup’s sides and the taste of the ice-cream surely makes it a heavenly experience. Originating from Italy, Ci Gusta! runs with the vision of taking the Italian food experience all over the world and offers a wide variety of Italian dishes and desserts. Noted especially for the ice-creams with numerous toppings to choose from and different kinds of desserts, this place is a must-visit!

Cold Stone Creamery

Offering shakes, smoothies and cakes along with various flavors of ice-creams, Cold Stone Creamery offers the ultimate ice-cream experience in Bangladesh. Being an American ice-cream parlor chain, Cold Stone takes tremendous pride in innovative culture and heritage. This place, located in Gulshan-1, ensures the highest quality by combination of their creamy smooth ice-creams with toppings of fruits, nuts, candies and brownies. The Pie Who Loved Me, Birthday Cake Remix, Chocolate Devotion, Our Strawberry Blonde and That’s How I Roll are some of their signature creations along with the traditional Oreo, Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla flavors.

Baskin Robbins

The world’s largest chain of ice-cream specialty shops, Baskin Robbins, has several branches in Dhaka. With hundreds of appetizing flavors that come in cones, cups or as sundaes, the place offers an unforgettable experience. They even have treats such as cookies, mini cones as well as fresh-packed-cups for people “on the go” who want takeaways. Pre-packed quarts of Baskin Robbins can also be found in superstores such as Meena Baazar and Agora for a take-home treat.

Cream and Fudge

Founded after being inspired by the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and doing justice to that inspiration, Cream and Fudge gives you an affordable family-friendly experience with the sweetest treats. With its brown and cream color scheme, the stores provide a warm ambiance to sit and enjoy your ice-cream sundaes. As customers, you can choose from their stunning creations or customize them yourself once you visit their outlets in Dhanmondi or Banani. Additionally, you can also choose waffles, brownies or smoothies to accompany your ice-cream experience.

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