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The world just got hit by the second wave of Covid-19. Like all the other countries in the world, Bangladesh has been affected by it as well. When the whole country is trying to go back to normalcy after the first wave of Corona, the government was forced to impose lockdown again. But life doesn’t stop. And like other things people are also searching for new accommodation every day amid the calamity. But how do you find the right home for you and your family while keeping yourself safe during this time? Bproperty, the only complete real estate solutions provider in Bangladesh, has the answer. Bproperty made it easier for people to find their desired homes from the comforts of their homes during the lockdown. Today we will be discussing why you should rely on Bproperty for searching home during the lockdown.

huge collection of property listings

Bproperty has the largest collections of property listings

The hurdle of finding a rental home during a lockdown is to go out and do the finding in person. And the task is even more difficult for those who want to buy a new property. Since the opportunity for visiting houses in person is now limited, people are left with fewer options. But with Bproperty you don’t have to compromise your options. Bproperty has the largest collection of property in its database with more than 50 thousand listings. Everything from renting and selling to purchasing a property, bproperty offers you excellent options. And people are resorting to Bproperty for searching home during the lockdown. Customers are now relying more on Bproperty than ever before. Even those who have been skeptical about dealing with things online have found Bproperty very easy, less time-consuming, and effective. 

Customize your search

You can easily filter your requirements in the search bar to meet your demand

The foremost concern for those who want to change their houses during this lockdown is finding the right property. But in the current situation, most people are adopting a reclusive mentality when it comes to searching houses during the lockdown. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise your options, Bproperty has you covered. With Bproperty you will get to customize your search options. Users can search their desired property by price, property type, bedroom numbers, area, and location according to their needs. And thousands of properties will appear with just a click of a button. This is how customers can enjoy all the advantages from the comforts of their home. There is also a keyword search box to meet special needs. Apartments, houses, penthouses, duplexes, plazas, whatever the requirement is, you will find everything using Bproperty’s customized search options.

Virtual property tour

Big decisions such as buying or renting houses online have their own risks. People do not find it reliable to shop for houses online for many reasons. Real estate scams, unethical practices, and frequent forgery have led many people to believe online is not a reliable place for shopping. But with Bproperty’s industry-leading virtual and video tour features, anyone can get a full view of the property, floor plan, and many more from anywhere and anytime. This feature is added to maximize the efficiency in terms of property viewing and specially designed to give you the details so that you can see everything without having to leave your house. So there is no chance of being misled with scams, forgery. This is what makes Bproperty stand out from the rest when it comes to searching home during the lockdown.

Legal documents verification

documents checking
Bproperty does the legal document verification for you

Verifying legal documents when buying a property is the most complex and time-consuming task. It will take you to travel between multiple government offices numerous times. Considering the current situation this is the hardest job at the moment. But with Bproperty you don’t have to worry about any of this. Every listing on the Bproperty’s website is verified and inspected thoroughly so as to ensure quality and credibility. The transaction, on the other hand, is also very transparent. Transparency is our main concern; be it buying or renting, not a single step will be taken without the owner’s and tenant’s consent. And you will be notified of every single action.

Bproperty’s operations increased a lot this year. Bproperty’s services have also expanded across Chattogram. All this was possible because of people’s trust. And we are very hopeful that Bproperty will keep gaining the trust of people in upcoming days as well. All in all, Bproperty is your only reliable option when it comes to searching home during the lockdown. 

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