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We take great pride in the furniture we sort around the house. The articles themselves along with the design in which we organize the layout is often a pure reflection of our personality. And we never want to give off the wrong vibe with our home design. You may have just gotten yourself a new luxurious apartment in Dhaka, but is there a rule that says the furniture has to be new as well? Many people are inclined towards second hand furniture! Though this may be a preposterous idea to a lot of people, let’s take a look at the bright side of going for second hand furniture.

Save huge

Save big and save your wallet

This one goes without saying, and is definitely the key selling point for many consumers. The price tag on furniture can be quite ridiculous at times. Second hand furniture can cut those prices to sometimes unbelievable figures. You may find a chandelier at half their original price. Dining tables and chair sets are also very cheap. Sometimes, if someone is remodelling their home, they may sell an entire bedroom design off, and you can be the one to pick up that fancy mirror for your dream elegant home design; and at possible one third the original price. Of course, you must keep in mind the quality of the products when purchasing and bargaining. Second hand furniture is great on the wallet, but make sure your needs are met and that you’re happy with the condition of the item before going for it.

Vintage Finds

vintage wares
Vintage is much more evergreen than we give it credit for

Old is gold. The sentiment transcends time and is universal. Somehow, whether through tend or design, we are drawn to vintage things; even things that no longer function but just exist. Obviously, everything won’t always remain in production. So how do we find old articles that we love or want or even need to be a part of our home design? Second hand tends to be the only way to go. The condition of the furniture highly affects the stature of the article. This can be the division between vintage and antique and that alone can sky-rocket some prices. Whatever the case may be, second hand furniture definitely offers you the opportunity to use and experience furniture that you would otherwise not be able to acquire.

Unique Discoveries

living uniquely
Some times the most unique things can show up

When rummaging through second hand furniture, you might be surprised at the things you come across. You may just be skimming through various items when suddenly you come across a pool table that was turned into a bookshelf! People are capable of creating wonderful things with home design in mind. Sometimes these are sold off in the second hand market. You may get lucky with some really marvellous and unique pieces of work. Keeping an eye on the second hand furniture market can open the opportunity for you to have something very unique in your home.

DIY projects

DIY furniture
Make new again what was once old

Have you ever sat in the backseat of a car and thought, ‘wow, this is the best seat in the world!’ only to realize the ride is almost over and you have to get out? Well, second hand furniture gives you the option of re-purposing a car seat into home furniture! DIY projects are always great fun when creating a unique home design. Getting your hands on old equipment and second hand furniture really allows you to experiment with your creative side. You can essentially make first hand furniture out of your second hand purchase. Your purchases will tend to be cheap, disposable and destructible, so you won’t even feel stressed out about the money while working. Do you have any such projects you’ve completed or are in the middle of?

Almost Untouchable Brands

branded second hand furniture
Some brands seem out of reach, but they don’t have to be!

There are some great furniture brands across the world. We even have a few good ones here in Bangladesh. But with their beautiful designs, comes that hefty price-tag we mentioned at the start of this article. But they look oh-so-wonderful sometimes. Look around and you may actually find the exact model or design you want in the second hand furniture category. The price falls significantly, and the design you want may be out of production and is suddenly acquirable again. You now have your favorite brand back in the house and completing your perfect home design.

As with all furniture, you must keep in mind that the quality of the product you are purchasing is up to your standards. With second hand furniture, the only person you can trust to discern useful and safe equipment is yourself. If you have a good eye, you just might acquire some of the best furniture in your house from a second hand furniture source. Maybe if you’re interested, we can put together a piece on where to get some really good second hand furniture in Dhaka. Till then, good luck and happy hunting!

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