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Safety is always the number one concern when living in an urbanized mega-city such as Dhaka. Every passing day, the number of people flowing into the capital keeps increasing. As the city gradually continues to expand and develop, the need for security is becoming an urgent concern for Dhaka and that is where Seemo ‘chimes’ in…

B-Trac Solutions Ltd., a concern of Bangla Trac Group, has launched Bangladesh’s own, very first security and automation brand named ‘Seemo Intelligent Living’. They have created products that bring customers’ security into their own hands and at the same time creates a convenient lifestyle.  Bangladesh, over the last decades, has established itself as one of the largest growing economies of the world, with its middle and affluent class growing rapidly at over 10% every year. This economic progress has propelled the rate of urbanization to around 15% since the 2000s with 40% urban citizens present in the major cities, particularly the capital. As a result of this growth, the concern for home safety continues to grow and the need for reassurance is a growing worry among city dwellers.

Criminals are always coming up with new and innovative methods to home invasion. Traditionally, they pose as maids, low-level service personnel or members of religious groups to get around security guards or building caretakers. Even household maids, guards and caretakers themselves are often linked with burglary and kidnapping of young children alone at home. Despite security services implementing modern approaches to home security, thieves and burglars are finding numerous ways in adapting to safeguard methods brought forward by such companies.Criminals are also very familiar with existing security devices and take measures to avoid them before committing the crime. In addition, they sometimes force guards/caretakers to disable building security at gunpoint.

What makes ‘Seemo Intelligent Living’ a different approach in home safety is that their product nullifies the existing loopholes of security devices and helps catch burglars in the act. Seemo’s cloud storage makes it impossible for thieves to tamper with data and thus, ensures full data protection at minimum cost. How Seemo works is that their devices are connected to the home Wi-Fi network, and it sends instant real time notifications to home owners’ smartphones at every moment. Moreover, a snapshot and a 30 second video are recorded which can viewed from anywhere on Earth through the free Seemo app. In addition, it has a 2-way communication feature which allows direct conversation with visitors through the app. It has motion sensor technology which identifies any human motion alerting the owner(s). Thus, from anywhere in the world, home or abroad, a person’s doorstep, home or office can be monitored.

Tailored specifically for the Bangladeshi customer’s needs, ‘Seemo Intelligent Living’ addresses home safety concerns to prevent a crime from before even happening. Since in safety lies the comfort of growth, B-Trac Solutions Ltd. ensures that their devices are the answer to a safe and secure environment.

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