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In the old days, people in Bangladesh used to have a difficult time trying to sell their property. For starters, there wasn’t any effective way to let potential buyers know that they had a property to sell; not to mention many other problems associated with selling real estate in Bangladesh back then.

Luckily, with the introduction of and its one-stop real estate solution, selling real estate in Bangladesh has become easier and simpler. Bproperty helps verify all your document, promotes your property, find prospective buyers, helps you come to an agreement, and finalize the deal so you can have a satisfactory and uncomplicated real estate transaction experience.

So let’s take a look at a seller’s journey below.

Begin your adventure

Selling Real Estate in Bangladesh
A Seller’s Journey with Bproperty
  1. Contact

Call our customer care at +8809612110011 or visit to list your property

  1. Discuss Requirements

Discuss with your dedicated Sales Advisor about your expectations and requirements from the property

  1. Property Detail Collection

Detailed information about your property such as size, condition, and utilities will be collected

  1. Legal Document Verification

Bproperty’s own legal experts will verify the property’s documents and advise if anything is missing or is required

  1. Property Image, Video & Virtual Tour

Necessary photographs will be taken. A video & virtual tour of the property will be created

  1. Agreement with Bproperty

If everything is in order, an agreement will be finalized with the signing of a MOU between you and Bproperty

  1. Property Promotion

Once all the information and media are collected, your property will be promoted on our website and by our sales advisors

  1. Arrange Viewings for Prospective Buyers

Your property will be shown to prospective buyers under the guidance of Bproperty’s sales advisors

  1. Legal Agreement Between All Parties

Our legal experts will assist in drawing up the final deed and paperwork

  1. Handover of the Property

When all the steps are met, all that is left is to finally hand over the property to the new owner

Gone are the days when selling property in Bangladesh was arduous and untrustworthy. Bproperty is with you every step of the way from deciding to sell your property to handing it over to new owners.


  1. Dr. Afroza

    I want to buy flat in and around wari 900-1500,2/3 beds.

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