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Bangladesh’s economy is growing and so are the businesses. Though the online platforms are growing at a much faster rate, yet many companies or individual entrepreneurs look for the physical presence for added advantage. Or for some, having a shop at a prominent location in Dhaka is one of the core business strategies. Then again, positioning is very crucial for any businesses regardless you want a physical presence or not. If you are the latter one, you also need to consider several things while dealing with a commercial space for rent. However, for all these, you need to pick the most suitable one first. Hence, we have gathered some of the best commercial spaces for rent to set up a shop in Dhaka for your convenience.

2,100 SQ. FT Commercial Space at Gulshan 1

A shop in Dhaka for rent
Attract the posh customers in the commercial zone of Dhaka

Gulshan is known as the next commercial hub of Dhaka. Already several businesses and corporate offices have shifted their headquarters to Gulshan and adjacent areas. Plus, Gulshan is a posh neighborhood as well. Setting up a shop here isn’t just an opportunity you can find every day. Although, we managed this 2,100 sq.ft commercial space for rent, perfect for setting up a shop. Interested already, then just go ahead and take a look!

Set Up Your Perfect Shop In Dhaka with This Gulshan 2 Property

Commercial space for rent in Gulshan 1
This shop in Gulshan 2 is perfect to display your luxury products

While Gulshan 1 attracts more commercial offices, being a prominent residential area, Gulshan 2 attracts top class residents. Here, right on the main road, Bproperty brings you this amazing 3,900 sq.ft. lavish commercial property. This space is perfect for setting up clothing, shoes, and similar commodity item retailers. However, we leave the decision up to you. Being a creative entrepreneur, you can customize the way you want, the way you think is suitable for your business. All we can tell you is, whatever you plan to do, you will be getting sufficient exposure for your business. Good luck!

Next Up, Dhanmondi Satmosjid Road

Be the entrepreneur you want to be with this commercial property in Dhanmodni
Be the entrepreneur you want to be with this commercial property

Apparently, Dhanmondi is famous for restaurant businesses. As the area has several reputed universities and corporate houses, people catch a break with food. Recent ‘cheesy burger craze’ led to several innovative restaurant businesses. We have a perfect commercial space for rent for one of such businesses. Beside KFC, this 2,000 sq.ft property is ideal for your dream business. Worth a visit if you are passionate about your dreams.

Lastly, A 1,000 SQ.FT Shop In Uttara

An ideal start could be here with this shop in Uttara
An ideal start could be here with this shop in Uttara

While the residents in the north might face a bit difficulty in spending 2-hour long traffic just to shop in a prominent location, you can go to them with your business instead. Win-win for everyone. That’s why Bproperty brings you this wonderful open commercial space for rent to set up your perfect shop. This 1,000 sq.ft commercial shop in Uttara is great for any small businesses. Especially if you are starting one new. Being cost effective and strategically positioned, this commercial space might give you the perfect kickstart!

So, don’t waste your time if you have your dream business plan ready. If you need consultancy, Bproperty is by your side. Therefore, grab your favorite space for a shop in Dhaka before someone else does before you!

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