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Home means the world to many people. So it has to be decorated the way they like. There are plenty of interior design styles to choose from and having knowledge about them can help you choose the one that suits you best. Keeping that in mind, we have created a blog series discussing all the most popular interior design styles. In that continuation, today, we will be talking about shabby chic interior design and how it came into being.

What is a shabby chic design style?

shabby chic
Embracing the elegance

The main theme of shabby chic design is to highlight casualness, comfortableness, and elegance. In this design style, the house looks elegant without the extravagant vibe that can be found in many luxurious design styles. Shabby chic interior design rather fuses the element of comfort with aristocratic elegance to create an ultimate setting. The calm tone in the design, the impression of antiquity in the furniture, and the aristocratic decoration have made it completely different from other design styles. This design is considered romantic and is usually considered feminine.

History behind the style

Old England cottage
The theme of shabby chic is to establish a casual and comfortable decor style throughout

This design style originated in bungalows or cottage-type houses in the countryside of Britain. The bungalows or cottages were decorated with colorful sofas, curtains, old paintings, and antique furniture. However, as countryside cottage decor was popular, many still call it ‘cottage style’ or ‘country bohemian’.

The shabby chic design style is basically a combination of aristocracy and comfort, which is the complete opposite of the Pop-Victorian style of attractive and sentimental decor. In the 80s, when even middle-class people became obsessed with expensive and dazzling decor styles, shabby chic proposed the exact opposite idea. This decor style wanted to establish the idea that old furniture and recycled fabric could also bring a touch of elegance into the house. Also, the proponents of this decor style were not in favor of sacrificing comfort or ease for the sake of nobility.

This design style was inspired by many design styles prevalent at that time. The influence of 18th-century Swedish paintings, and the structure and craftsmanship of the French chateau (a kind of mansion or palace) is evident in this decor style.

The mantra behind this interior design

প্যাস্টেল দেয়াল
One of the ways to bring a casual vibe into the house is to use pastel colors

As mentioned before this interior design promotes an elegant and comfortable decor style, all the while keeping a casual vibe.

Light colors

Light shades of colors are used in interior design to bring this decor style to life. In other words, besides white and beige, pastel colors like pink, lavender, light blue, etc. are also suitable for shabby chic interior design. However, some shades of bright colors like turquoise also fit well. That is to say, the practice of having furniture in pastel colors is very common in this style of decor.

Vintage furniture and fabric

A touch of antiquity in texture is an important step in bringing this decor style to interior design. So vintage leather furniture with colorful cushions and pastel colors in old furniture made of wood is excellent for the style. As mentioned before, the emergence of shabby chic is the opposite of extravagant and luxurious home decor. So the process of establishing aesthetics through reusing old items is great for this decor.

‘Mix and match’

When choosing paintings, souvenirs, rugs, blankets, pillows, cushions or home decor items, a ‘mix and match’ style can be another way to implement the style. Since casualness is the main intent, there is no need to think about whether the pattern is syncing with the color or not.

Natural ingredients

Shabby chic decor style brings the touch of nature in the house through the usage of plants, wood, light, and shade in the home. However, the use of natural ingredients in the creation of aesthetics is really amazing.

Warm lighting

The presence of warmer toned light in the house brings mystery and cozyness which is one of the ways to bring shabby chic decor style in interior design. Bronze and crystal lamps, chandeliers or candle lights create a soft and cozy atmosphere in the house.

Floral design

The usage of flowers was well known in the valleys of ancient England. It is thought that one of the main aspects of this beautiful decor style is inspired from the floral pattern or design. That is why the usage of floral patterns on wall, bedsheets, or curtain fabric has become very popular in this decor style.

How to decorate the house in shabby chic

Decorating the house with old furniture can sync well with the shabby chic interior design

Bringing an aristocratic vibe into the interior doesn’t require the use of expensive items. For people who understand this philosophy, this particular interior design can be a great fit. But let’s discuss how you can implement it.

Variety in textiles

Floral design and comfortability are two of the main features of this interior style. And there is nothing like textiles to complement these features. Curtains, cushion covers or tableware made of old fabric can give the room a perfect ‘shabby chic’ look. Using the right pattern can bring a vivid atmosphere to your home. But you can also use ‘faded’ or ‘vintage’ textiles if you want. For new textiles, you can choose the old style pattern to sync it with the decor. You can also use different types of fabric. For example, you can easily create a homely and cozy atmosphere by spreading a knitted or woolen sheet on a vintage dressing table.

Pastel-colored furniture

Don’t just throw away old or discolored furniture. Instead, paint them with shades of light green, light blue, light pink to create pastel-colored furniture.

Cushions and throw rags

You can bring a cozy atmosphere into the living room by using lower divans, cushions, and throw rugs. Hand-woven or floral designed cushions and rugs are well suited for shabby chic interior design.

Bamboo, cane, soil, and stone items

Incorporating houseplants in cane baskets with the decor can be great for shabby chic interior style. Sculptures made of bamboo or white stone can play a huge role in creating an aristocratic atmosphere. Since bringing a casual feel is the main objective in this decor style, anything made of natural ingredients can be a part of your decor. Feel free to choose, bamboo vase, rock mural or clay tub.

Old style painting

The primary motto of this style is to create an antique but aristocratic vibe. So it is better not to choose or pick anything postmodern when choosing a painting.

There is no way to deny that interior design has a great impact on our lives. If you want an elegant but comfortable lifestyle, choosing shabby chic interior design can be great.

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