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Bah humbug- declared Ebenezer Scrooge in the Charles Dicken novel, A Christmas Carol. Hopefully, Mr. Scrooge isn’t reading this, the last thing he would want is a list of gifts to buy for Christmas. Regardless of Ebenezer, we have assorted a list of perfect gifts suitable for those who have recently moved into a new home or those that just need some essentials.

Steak Knife Set

A lot of people enjoy cooking, but they struggle on with whatever equipment they happened to inherit in the drawers. An old adage goes that ‘a workman always blames his tools’; but, when it comes to knives, I think there is a point to that blame. A blunt knife can be torturous to work with, adding a lot of time and effort to the food preparation process. When you come home from work you want to be able to cut through the vegetables and meat with ease, not force a blunt knife through with great ardour.

A Champagne Flute

It’s great to have quality silverware for special occasions. The champagne flute is high up on the list. They may only get an outing a handful of times a year but, consequently they will last for years as long as too much champagne doesn’t flow and accidents occur.

Tea Pot

There are many different types of teapot these days; bubble shaped glass teapots with stainless steel infusers and lids, allow you to make sure you create the perfect infusion every time. There are classy ceramic pots for higher heat retention, porcelain for delicate green teas, and clay pots which are perfect for oolong teas.

Wall Decor

Bare walls are boring, adding unique accessories can bring a room to life. People often think of mirrors before anything else, that can add light and provide an illusion of greater space. But art is a sophisticated gift to give someone for Christmas. Modern metal wall art or colorful canvas wall prints can give a plain wall a new lease of life. Think of chic black-and-white photographic prints, perhaps from a city close to the person’s heart.


There are hundreds of kitchen appliances you can purchase for not too much money. Small appliances can save a baker or chef hours of time and effort and is something that will get a lot of use. Keep your eyes peeled next time you are in the kitchen of your friend’s house, and observe what is missing. Mixers are probably the most popular gifts for the kitchen, they usually come in different colors so you can get creative.


This is likely to be a gift to your own house, which is completely okay to do too. A tired-old sofa is both aesthetically uninspired, but also usually bereft of the comfort levels it once had. Replacing it may seem like a big investment but getting one in the sales might be a good option. A dream sofa can take a lifeless living room and transform it into a place you adore.

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