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The natural beauty of this country is sometimes eclipsed by the more negative news currently in the papers, but one needs to be grateful for the wonderful beauty that surrounds the country. There are numerous stunning beaches and lush forests. Not only that, but these towns are full of rich culture, vibrant local communities, and long interesting historical foundations.


Known as the city of gold, Sonargaon was once Bengals center for commerce and a key maritime center. At just 29 kilometers from Dhaka, the town draws tourists trying to escape the densely populated capital city. This is one of the oldest cities in the world and the people are warm and welcoming. A company called Tiger Tours organize very informative day trips from Dhaka. If you have time, you could hire a boat from the Boidder Bazar and enjoy the views of the river. Checking out the royal palace and the art museum will nicely complete your trip.

Cox’s Bazar

The jewel in Bangladesh’s crown, Cox’s Bazar is famed for being the world’s longest beach (123 km), a strong contender for entering the wonders of the world list. Cox’s Bazar is the most saturated of all the well-known tourist destination in the country, consequently, the facilities are excellent. There is also the wonderful Aggmeda Khyang-a Buddhist monastery that is open to the public. Gifts of hand-rolled cigars and crafts can be readily purchased from the local boutique stores.


Situated on the lovely Brahmaputra river, this town is of political and historical significance. The town has some of the nicest parks and places for picnics. You can walk around the local orchids and strawberry fields. If you’ve had enough fruit you could try the adventure park in Gajani. Also worth checking out is Susong Durgapur and Bijoypur- known as the blue river and hills. In the museum Jainul Abedin, Jainul Abedin’s famous paintings are housed, it’s a few hours you should schedule in.


This town attracted to Khulna are either allured by the job prospects or for the tourists passing through. To access Sundarbans the biggest mangrove forest in the world, Khulna is the starting point. The Royal Bengal Tiger is known to saunter around. The old city is a historic wonder and has been well preserved.


Considered one of the most impressive natural landscapes in Bangladesh; with cascading waterfalls and deep blue lakes. The sense of calm that engulfs you when visiting is unique for the area. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi had a very large Buddha statue. The rolling hills and vibrant green technicolors leave visitors with a sense of serenity.


This small village has one of the largest Buddhist monasteries south of the Himalayas.  The monastery which is extremely important for the religion spans 27 acres and has a museum for visitors to learn the history of the place. The area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has seen the number of visitors grow year on year.

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