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Home renovations can be expensive. When your house is in need of a lick of paint you can use these tips to refresh on a shoestring. Clever little moves can make a real difference to the decor and ambiance and needn’t cost the world. Thinking creatively and getting inspiration from different sources can save you lots of takas.

Fancy Cutlery

Most people leave their silver service for a special occasion; maybe only letting them out once or twice a year. Using nice glasses and cutlery can enhance any midweek meal.

Leftover Paint

You probably have a mountain of half-empty paint cans in the garage or basement. Use every last drop painting table edges, furniture legs. Bargain frames can be transformed with a splash of paint. A lick of paint will always freshen up old walls and furniture.

Coffee Table

A plain empty coffee table can be enhanced with the addition of some nice hardback books or unique trinkets and decorative items. A coffee table can become a lovely centerpiece in the living room.


After many years of living in one place, you will have accumulated a lot of items. It may be a case that the room is now at maximum capacity and some of the stuff should be stored away in the attic or given to a charity shop.


To give a room a whole new look it can be as simple as rearranging the furniture. Testing new positions can add a feeling of new found space. Maybe you could try furniture from different rooms to see if it works. Garden stools may look nice in a rustic kitchen or an aging sofa might look good outside under a shelter.


You can use mirrors intelligently. A mirror that was formerly in disuse in a spare room could play a significant role in the living room if positioned carefully; giving the illusion of space. When mirrors are next to windows they reflect the light and can make the place feel more open.

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