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Now is a great time to visit Dhaka. A lot of change has transformed the city into a must-visit destination. One that is for sure you will not be bored. The throngs of people will see you as somewhat of a novelty, but rest assured, their curious eyes are friendly.

Sadarghat Boat Terminal

The best way to see Dhaka is by boat. As the country is seeing an increase in visitors every year, there are now more organized tours you can take. The best thing to do is make your way to the Sadarghat Boat Terminal and ask around to get the best price. A cruise down the river Buriganga will leave you feeling alive, due to the frenetic pace of one of the world’s largest river ports.

Address: Ahsanullah Road

Price Tk 120

Old Dhaka Day Tour

The tour which can be arranged from the website will start at your hotel. You will take in the Parliament House, the Dhaka University and Dhakeswari Temple. This is a very important spiritual home for Hindus in Dhaka. The next step takes you to the National Museum before moving on to the Star Mosque, an aesthetically marvelous construction.

Lalbagh Fort comes next and the impressive Ahsan Manzil. The tour that takes you to Banga Bazaar, famed for being “cheapest market in the world” An organized tour like this is the best way to take in the main sites of a city.

Address: Hotel Pickup

Price: $85

Suhrawardi Park

This is a must visit on a trip to Dhaka. The park is enormous, linking up the Old High Court to the National Museum. The site is of historical importance, being the place the Bangladeshi Declaration of Independence took place. There is also a night market with locals selling everything imaginable.

Address: Ramna, Dhaka

Chota Katra

Probably the oldest building in Dhaka, this Mughal-era building dates back to 1663. Trying to find this structure is a challenge in itself, A trek through high-walls and winding alleys is a test, for those who pass it will be worth it.

Address: Hakim Habibur Rahman Lane

Khan Mohammed Mirdha’s Mosque

Close to Lalbagh Fort, this 1706 Mughal construction is similar in style to Lalbagh Fort. You will have to ascend 25 steps to get a view of the ornate domes and roof. The garden is impressive also, with flowers cultivated year round. Keep an eye out for the large palm tree in the south side.

Address: Atish Khana

Dhaka University

Built in 1921 with some grand old building still well maintained. The jewel in the crown is the Curzon Hall, with its dashing red brick facade. This is a fine example of European-Mughal architecture.

Address: Nilkhet Road

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