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With the way the population of Bangladesh has been rapidly increasing over the last few decades, the size of the average apartment still hasn’t shrunk that significantly over the years. Although statistically speaking, it would be ideal if the situation was otherwise. Why? Simply because when overpopulation strikes, a region gets congested. Roads get narrower and there is a lack of parking spaces. Even after all these signs, somehow people still aren’t comfortable with downsizing their homes.

However, tiny living spaces are trending these days. Whether you want to downsize your life or just disguise visual clutter in a clever way, small dwellings are the way to go. And so, here is our guide to making small homes a big success.

Think multipurpose

Add a singular shelf in an awkward corner. Choosing furniture with a lightweight appearance is always a good idea. Nowadays, floating shelves are trending as well. Not only do they create the illusion of simplicity, they also work as a great way of increasing storage.

Go curvy

Because most apartments are boxy, displaying curves and patterns amplifies the idea of openness. Get round or Lucite tables and chairs instead of a single piece of furniture that will take up more than half of your living room.


Sheer, silk panels of darker hues can add a dramatic element to your otherwise neutral-coloured living room.

Enhance the feeling of space

Don’t over-saturate. While adding layers is great, do it in a way that balances out the inevitable mess. Also, embrace asymmetry. You don’t need two coffee tables in one room. Know that you can beautify a space with fewer things..

Keep a cozy kitchen

Avoid cluttering by keeping the counter tops clear. If needed, make an appliance garage. Also, you can never go wrong with more shelves. The rustic storage looks classic, anyway.

Irradiate your home

While multiple hanging lamps look flamboyant, natural lighting can do just as much wonder to your home. Darker rooms give an illusion of an enclosed space. Hence, use monochromatic tones of neutral-colours in order to add dimension to your space.

Skilfully-worked window treatments

Invest in floor-to-ceiling window treatments. The combination of neutral draperies and extra-high ceilings despite a small floor plan adds contrast and depth to your space.

A simple and minimal bathroom

Instead of getting a huge marble-tiled sink, get two under-mounted sinks with towel bars. That way, the lack of cabinetry will not pose as a problem since you can keep oversized baskets underneath for additional storage. Moreover, adding one long mirror instead of two will give the illusion of space in your tiny bathroom.

Make things work together, not go together

This is a common mistake made by many. Matching things with one another is a hassle and takes up a lot of time. Not to mention, often times it doesn’t even look nice when put together. You don’t necessarily have to match every little thing with one another. Have a specific saturated colour as your theme but don’t be afraid to experiment with darker colours in between.

Add a spectacular entry-way

Having a small but sophisticated entryway will make your home appear more alluring. With an antique mirror and a bag rack, create a lively effect that offsets the lack of details.

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