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Gadgets make our life easier, and smart gadgets have made it more comfortable than ever before. They have made almost everything in our day to day life more convenient and effortless. As such. we eagerly wait every year to see what kind of amazing devices and cool gadgets we can get our hands on, and this year is no different. Similar to our top trending gadgets of 2018 article last year, today we’ll be taking a look at the most anticipated smart gadgets of 2019.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

fresh groceries
The fridge will come in three different sizes that should be perfect for any family

One of the best innovations in home technology has probably been the fusion between home appliances and smart gadgets. This has given us a number of smart home gadgets that makes our life easier. Among these home gadgets, a smart fridge is an incredibly useful product. This year, Samsung brings in their Family Hub Fridge that greatly improves existing smart refrigeration technology. It comes in with a host of features that makes the fridge one of the most anticipated smart gadgets of 2019. Samsung Family Hub Fridge has an inner-view camera that lets you check stock from anywhere. You can set diet plans according to people and set expiry dates for each product inside. Furthermore, you can set custom temperatures for each compartment to allow for greater food preservation.

Sensio Air

fresh air
Always be prepared to tackle the allergy season and keep yourself healthy

Allergies should never be taken lightly. Prolonged exposure to harmful allergens can be fatal to those who are susceptible to them. If you or someone in your home is vulnerable to allergens, you should always be aware of the surrounding air quality. Luckly, one of the most anticipated smart gadgets of 2019 include the Sensio Air allergen monitor. This smart gadget will monitor the amount of pollen and dust in the air around the clock to identify any harmful substance. The amazing thing is, it will not just monitor the air inside your home, but also outside. It is connected to more than 320 sensors at different places in the environment that identifies and notifies you of air conditions. The user just has to input their symptoms and the device will start tracking allergens.

LG Signature OLED TV R

TV setup
This television combines pristine display with eye-catching technology

Even a few years ago most of the televisions in our homes were the boxy CRT style televisions. While there are many apartments in Dhaka and other areas in Bangladesh that still have these TV’s, the current trend is for slick, thin LED televisions. But the recent unveiling from LG just inserted a new player, a new style of television; one that can be ‘rolled out’. The LG Signature OLED TV R looks nothing like a television when it’s inside its compartment. At first glance it looks like a long box. But with the push of a button on the remote, the futuristic 65 inch 4K OLED TV rolls out to mesmerize its viewers. People have been anticipating the unveiling of such home electronic gadgets and LG definitely delivered this year.

Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell

Monitor the doorstep of your apartment better than ever with this video doorbell

Another great use of smart gadgets is to enhance the security of your home. Video doorbells are some of the most essential smart home gadgets that help us improve home security. The Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell is a great improvement on video doorbell technology. While existing video doorbells come with one camera, this one has two; both of them with motion sensing capabilities. The second 1080p camera has a lower angle that gives you a fuller view to see if there are any packages. It also has two-way echo-canceling speakers and microphone to allow clear communications.

Ember Self-Heating Mug

mug of coffee
As far as cool gadgets go in 2019, this smart mug east belong in the top 5

A perfect cup of coffee in the morning is very important for many to start the day properly. That is why it is no surprise that the Ember Self-Heating Mug is one of the most anticipated smart gadgets of 2019. As its name suggests, it is a self-heating mug that knows how hot you like your beverages to be. From the outside it looks like any other ceramic coffee mug with its amazing features hidden under plain view. Using your phone and the Amber app you can set custom temperatures for each type of beverage. The mug will monitor and preserve that temperature for you so you don’t have to drink cold tea or coffee. It will also keep track of your caffeine intake and helps you keep healthy.

Ili Portable Translator

translation dictionary
Let your inner traveler free and not worry about misunderstandings local language with this portable translator

Coming straight out of science fiction movies, the Ili Portable Translator allows travelers to translate any language on the go. The device can translate your words in just 0.2 seconds. While currently it can only translate English into Japanese, Spanish, or Mandarin; that is still a big leap when it comes to instantly translating your speech. You also don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy its amazing benefits. That means, you will always be able to communicate properly colloquially without having to worry about an internet connection.

Here you have it; the most anticipated smart gadgets of 2019. Aside from just these amazing devices, this year will see the introduction of many new exciting smart devices. Each one will, no doubt, help achieve a better and more convenient life for humanity.

Which smart gadget are you excited for most this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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