You come home one fine Saturday afternoon and find yourself being greeted by a delightful aroma filling in the air. The scrumptious delights on the top of the dining table win your heart as you see the maker standing right beside it.

However, as you look at the kitchen, you see utensils, tools, spices and herbs of every kind all over the counter-tops and floor. Not a very pleasant view, is it?
Most of us who love cooking try our best to create extraordinary creations resembling the ones from an episode of Master Chef. However, we often fail to give the same effort in terms of decorating our kitchens to look their best. A well designed kitchen is not only efficient but also doesn’t feel cluttered or cramped. Here are 5 helpful ways you can maximize the space in your kitchen.


Drawers are an extremely helpful way to keep things organized. Since drawers are an easy to reach spot, they can be used to keep items such as spices or cooking tools which are frequently used almost every time you decide to cook. They increases efficiency by saving time and also increase the ease of cooking. Additionally, they also save storage space on counter tops or cabinets which can be used for work space or storage of other items respectively. The drawers can also be placed under counter tops on bases of counters, providing a chic yet clever storage solution.

Wall-mounted Storage

These ways of storing things in the kitchen not only provide a useful way to save space by hanging pots, pans, knives or other utensils but also give an elegant touch to the look of the kitchen. Rather than hanging artworks or calendars, these wall-mounted racks or shelves with S-hooks are a much brighter idea. Another smart idea would be to use darker colors for the walls behind these racks or shelves to hide scruff marks, which may arise in cases of long-term use.

Using Mason Jars 

Instead of keeping things on counter tops or shoving them forcefully inside shelves and containers, these little creations can help you save a lot of trouble. Different ingredients, spices, herbs or items of the pantry can be poured and kept in these jars, saving a lot of space in your kitchens. In addition, a large number of these jars can also be kept together on shelves or racks, enabling more storage capacity for a lot of items at once.

Single Sinks or Under-mount Sinks

One mistake that often goes unnoticed is the use of double-sinks in the kitchen. While they may come handy, they take up a lot of space which could otherwise be used. A single rather than double bowl for the sink solves this problem. Moreover, these single bowl sinks come in a wide array of colors and styles, ready to make that perfect little addition to your kitchen.

If one wishes to save even more space when it comes to sinks, under-mount sinks are just what that person needs! These under-mount sinks save space on counter tops and even provide wider work spaces at the edges of the sink. Total win-win!

Where’s the Door?

Corner spaces in most kitchens are underutilized and doors play a key impact in affecting this decision. Using sliding doors can help solve this problem by providing more space in the kitchen and make it appear larger and more spacious, without obstructing your way as you open the door. Removing the door itself would also provide additional space and add a touch of style.

These were some useful tips to keep in mind for space saving kitchen storage ideas, from use of chic small-scale appliances or jars to the use of innovative, stylish and efficient storage options.

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