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Dhanmondi has appeared to be one of the most important areas and a cultural center of Dhaka in the last few decades.  Being a commercially important area, this place has also gained its popularity for its unique and exclusive housing facilities. It is a place packed with entertainment. Foods, movies, theatres, libraries, cultural organizations, coffee shops, sports, gym all are in a single place. The concrete buildings here perfectly coexist with the natural beauty of the Dhanmondi lake and its lush green surroundings. Let’s explore and find out the things to do in Dhanmondi.

Food and Restaurant

Dhanmondi is a place full of delicious food

Dhanmondi is famous for all kinds of foods. Ranging from local cuisine to fast food – everything’s better here. From Satmasjid Road to Jigatala, you can find hundreds of restaurants. If you want to have the mouthwatering taste of Kacchi, Khichuri or Pizza, you’ll find it all here. That means if you decide to come to Dhanmondi for food, your options will never be exhausted. For an afternoon tea-party, you can always choose among the beautiful cafes and rooftops. This area is full of amazing options and it never lets anybody down.

Places of Entertainment

Rabindra Sarobar
Rabindra Sarobar

The Lake of Dhanmondi has incorporated nature with the city in this area. It is a lake with sparkling water surrounded by pleasant greenery and nature. This is a wonderful place to hang out with friends as well as great for walking and other physical exercises. The life of a city dweller is heavily scheduled. Here, leisure can be afforded only on weekends. To spend a nice and relaxing day, you can always choose the Dhanmondi lake for a visit. Enjoy nature and relax sitting beside the lake. So, to spend your weekends, come and visit Dhanmondi lake. There is also a place called ‘Rabindra Sarobar’ where cultural programs and concerts are held under the open sky. In Shimanto Sombhar, you will find a “Star Cineplex” where you can enjoy the latest movies. The options of entertainment never run out in Dhanmondi.


Hawkers market
Dhanmondi Hawkers

We are all fond of shopping. Shopping, roaming around, and eating delicious food are the activities we like to do in our leisure times. In Dhanmondi, the option of shopping is limitless. From Rapa Plaza to Simanta Shombhar, there is an abundant number of shopping options. There are also famous age-old markets in this area, such as Dhanmondi Hawkers, Chadni Chawk and New Market as well as many branded outlets and showrooms. The fairs arranged by online shops are also worth visiting because of the amazing products and discounts, which attracts a lot of customers.

Practicing literature, art, and culture

art galleries
Visit the art galleries to get a glimpse of art and culture

Dhanmondi is also famous for practicing literature, arts, and culture. If you are a book lover, you can always explore “Bengal Boi” or “Gyaan Taposh Abdur Rajjak Biddyapith”. Those who lost interest in books with a rough course of time can also enjoy their time sitting there trying to regain their long lost love for reading books. There are numerous art galleries that hold different kinds of events frequently. If you are interested in attending those events check out the list of them at the beginning of the month so that you don’t miss the ones of your interest.


Abahani field
Abahani Field for sports

For those who like sports, Dhanmondi is a prime destination. Dhanmondi has the famous Abahani Field and Women’s Complex, which gives opportunities, facilities, and training to build up a sportsperson. Though there is an entering restriction for the general public in Women’s Complex, there won’t be any lack of sports companions at Abahani Field as it is open for all. Different kinds of tournaments and concerts are held in these places. There are also some other places for sports such as the ‘Govt. Physical Education College’ which is situated just near Satmasjid Road.

Dhanmondi is a wonderful place for people to enjoy lots of amenities and facilities. It is indeed a self-sufficient and resourceful place for any individual living in Dhaka. That is why a lot of people desire to live here.

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