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If you want to attain a little bit of exclusivity and take a break from the everyday humdrum busy schedule of your life, you must pay a visit to the Siberian Husky Kennel with your family and friends. Spending quality time with little friends in a peaceful and serene environment is a great recreation.  And if these little friends are adorable and fluffy puppies, they will complete your day. Henceforth, we have also come here to visit the friendliest Siberian Husky Kennel, where we will explore and know how these little friends of ours live here. And will let you know how you will reach, explore that place and spend a wonderful time there.  

April the dog
The most playful Siberian Husky dog named April

Many of us love to keep a pet in our house. The methods in which these pets need care are completely different. Wherever we go, we have to assure that our pets remain safe and sound. There are some tips to make shifting homes easier for pets

If you think of petting a dog for the first time, Siberian Husky Kennel isn’t a good option for you. It takes a good amount of time to tame them, but once they become tamed and domesticated, they are best of friends and a bundle of joy like no other. Since we don’t know much about taming a dog, it’s better to select those breeds which get adapt to your taming techniques easily.  

Siberian Husky eyes
The Huskies have bluish-brown eyes like the wolves

The Siberian Huskies are medium in size and have thick and dense fur. They are the lookalikes of Siberian wolves and hence they can scare people easily. But their beautiful and intelligent look attracts the general people as well as writers, cinema directors, artists, etc. 

Upon entering through the main gate, you will immediately be greeted by Argus, Maya, Ariel, Brownie, Achilles or the most mischievous April. They will run towards you to welcome you. Watching them play and banter will make you feel like, you have come to an entirely different world in a spaceship. Such precious experience isn’t comparable to any other thing in this world. The more people these dogs see, the more they become delighted. They are waiting for their cage to open and when they will start running. That is why Bolt, Ace, Buttercup, MIlo can hardly be kept inside the cage. These Siberian Huskies get cuddled and lots of love and care from the visitors.

Though these Huskies are the descendants of winter-based countries, they have adapted themselves to this weather as well. The most beautiful one is April. Whenever you come here, you won’t forget the times spent with April. Furry and drowsy as it looks, it has captured the attention of everyone. All the Huskies aren’t like April. Some of them have bluish-brown eyes and looks scary. But as time passes, they will become your best friends.     

What is this Siberian Husky Kennel?  

On the bank of the Dhaleshwari river, the Siberian Husky Kennel stands upon nearly 4.5 acres of land. They started their journey with only 2 Huskies, but at present, the number is quite large. They constructed a big shade surrounded by nature for the visitors to rest, for instance. The river is a bit far away but you can locate it. Therefore, you can come here with your entire family. It is very easy to commute here and adequate food is available. If you become hungry while spending time with the Huskies, you can have your lunch from the cafe Revive. There are quality and delicious food items for tourists.

Except for Sunday, you can spend time with these Huskies on any other day from 8 AM in the morning. The entry fee is only BDT 200. This is the internal cost. Now let’s talk about the external cost. Most of us do not own a car. Thinking of their convenience, the Siberian Husky Kennel has its own transportation system. You have to book one week prior to avail of this offer. The round way trip costs 600 BDT. Now you know everything about this place, the only thing left is the location. To reach the location, the easiest commute is through Savar-Hemayetpur. Crossing the Singair bridge, hire a car, CNG or a battery-run automated rickshaw to reach Fordnagar. Over there, the Siberian Husky Kennel is located just in front of the Penta group. 

At the end of the evening, the cool breeze blowing here is impeccable. After leaving the Kennel, it is enjoyable to observe the people around while going back home. As far as your eyes go, it is covered in green. This beautiful Hemayetpur is also a favorable place to live. How much did you love these Huskies? When are you visiting? To let us know, leave a comment below.

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    I liked this article very very much. I visited this place yesterday after reading this article and watching the video attached down. Thanks for the suggestion.

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