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Yes, we understand that weekdays can be full of stress. That’s why we are blessed with weekends so that we can spend some time for ourselves and take our mind off of work. Besides, weekends are always best spent with family members. Recently, it is a common practice in Dhaka that you go out with your loved ones and have fun, however, some people prefer to stay at home and enjoy some quality time with the family. If you are the latter one, you should take a look at the following things that will make your weekend at home with the family an amazing one.

Cook For Your Family

Having Feast with Closed Ones
Nothing Compares to a Quality Meal Time

Everyone can cook – at least the basic dishes! You can surprise your family by cooking one of their (or yours) favorites for breakfast/lunch. You might have to sacrifice your lazy morning sleep for one day but trust us, when you see their surprised and smiling faces all your sacrifices will be worth it. What can be better than having Kacchi at home on weekends that you cooked!

Watch A Movie Together

A Nice Widescreen LED TV
Movie and Popcorn? That’s the best option!

This may be a cliched idea, but it works every time. There are thousands of family movies online for you to watch at home. You can quickly pick one and start watching immediately. If you are not a movie person, don’t worry. You don’t have to concentrate on the movie; you can focus on your popcorn. It’s the time that you spend that matters, not the movie you watch. It is no secret that your movie experience also depends on the surroundings like living rooms or the tv you have. You can check out some of the apartments with best living rooms, perfect for your lazy afternoon movie time.

Take Care of Your Plants

Beautiful Plants sitting in Balcony
Plants Revitalize your mood like nothing else

Today, almost every household has a mini garden inside their apartments or a much bigger one in their rooftops/ lawns. If you have one, ask your family members to help you out in gardening. You might not need the assistance of the whole family here – one or two of them will do. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy quality time with your family in a much productive way and if you don’t have a garden at your home, we would suggest you get one!

Help Others With Their Works

The best thing a family stands for is helping one another. During weekends, make other’s work your priority sometimes. It will be much appreciated. Ask them what they need help with, it can be any household chore or maybe help with their office work or anything. The fact that you volunteered to help them with their work will make the family bonding much stronger.

Happy weekending at home!


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