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The urban jungle that we live in offers very little opportunity to create a personalized nook for ourselves. We live in buildings cramped with people that limits our view to only the next concrete structure. At best, we are granted with balconies or a tiny front yard if we are lucky. The western images of gorgeous porch and patio décors often leave us envious. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to engineering your space and making it look just as appealing and that too on a budget!

Smart Furniture

For your outdoor spaces, you don’t always have to buy a new sitting arrangement. Use your old chairs or even planks of wood to be used for sitting. You can use bold and vibrant paint to make them look nice or just some colorful cushions to cover it up. You can also find water resistant cushions specially made for outdoor use.

If you are working with a balcony, you may not always have the privilege of including chairs and tables in your space. In that case, collapsible tables and a rectangular sitting arrangement that serves both as a sofa and a storage box will work out very well.

Vertical Garden

An outdoor sanctuary without any greenery is destined to look bland. But tiny spaces do not always give you the luxury to lay down a parade of pot plants. A vertical garden is a clever alternative to add life to your places. A ladder or an old serving tray will do the trick. You can also attach plants to your walls or hang them from your ceiling.


For outdoor spaces, choose mild and dimmed lighting that is soothing to the eyes. You can get big garden-lights that go with your décor style. Or for a cheaper alternative, you can opt for LED string lights that will add a magical touch to your oasis. If you do not have a power source in your outdoor space, get battery powered string lights. It will instantly set the mood to your entire space.

Outdoor Ornaments

Lastly, add finishing touches with interesting accessories to adorn your space and give it some character. A wind chime will let you achieve a peaceful vibe and amuse you with natural music from time to time. If you decide to splurge a bit, you can get a tiny electronic fountain that will transform your home into a tranquil haven. Apart from that, a large decorative mirror, a bird feeder or terracotta sculptures will give your space a more personalized look.

Creating a serene outdoor niche can be rather challenging in Bangladesh. However, if you are enthusiastic enough and willing to put in some effort, your dream will surely come to existence.

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