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Cox’s Bazaar is the city with the longest beach in the world and on the slow rise to becoming a tourist hotspot. If you are planning to invest in the property market here, find out all you need to know from us.

Properties in Cox’s Bazaar

Whether it is an undeveloped raw land or constructed property, prices are still moderate. However, as it is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, it draws millions of foreigners and natives to the coastal city each year. Investors are constantly building new hotels to meet the growing demand. The plots in the area are perfectly suitable for resorts, hotels, housing or amusement parks; perfect for anyone thinking of investing in the tourism hub of the country. The versatility of the land use is especially attractive as the options are endless.


Owing to the high flow of visitors, transportation is not an issue with local transports readily available. The city’s airport makes sure that travelling to and from Cox’s Bazaar is easy. Bordered by Chittagong, it is also possible to drive in and out via bus or by car, thanks to the advancing road network with reduced traffic. Communication links such as cellular connectivity and internet access are developing as fast as the demand is rising.

Economy and development

The economy and development of Cox’s Bazaar should be enticing enough to invest in the local property market. A major source of economy in Cox’s Bazaar is tourism. The rise in the number of high end hotels indicates a prominent future. Millions of foreigners and even Bangladeshis come to visit the beautiful city. Having a plot for yourself in this area can turn out to be a good investment.

Commercial activity

While the city lacks high end super malls, it makes up for this with mini bazaars, where you can find excellent souvenirs. Nearby are a variety of department stores, restaurants and financial institutions. As a fishing port, collecting seafood is a common livelihood. Transport businesses also flourish because of the tourism. The city also has a medical college and a number of high schools around its area.


As a result of a recent governmental initiation, a new police task force “tourist unit” has been formed to protect the tourists and locals. This has already started to reduce petty crimes and has given an increased sense of security to the area.

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