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Keeping the rapid expansion of the capital in mind, the government planned ahead and began the process of expanding Dhaka a long while ago. Since then, plots in RAJUK Purbachal New Town have become highly desirable. The entire township is being built to reduce the load of the increasing population and make room for the future. Purbachal New Town is intended to be a pollution free, modern model town where all the luxuries of city life are close at hand.

Expanded Capital

Green fields of Purbachal
This green-filled area will be the new frontier of an expanded Dhaka

Almost everything in Bangladesh is centered on Dhaka. That is why planners from RAJUK designed a blueprint for the Purbachal project that was an extension of the capital. Government offices, commercial zones, diplomatic zones; what doesn’t this project have? It can be said with confidence that this 6,000-acre area is destined to be the expanded capital.


RAJUK's 300-foot highway
The 300-foot highway of RAJUK Purbachal Project

There wasn’t much opportunity to properly plan Dhaka’s expansions, be it Tongi, Gazipur, or Ashulia in the north, areas in the west, or areas near Narayanganj in the south. As a result, the decision was made to expand east and create Purbachal New Town. This huge project is located in the region next to the Shitalakshya and Balu Rivers. A large part of the project falls in Rupganj of Narayanganj and the rest of it in Kaliganj of Gazipur. It is divided into 30 separate sectors, and more than 20% is allocated for businesses, educational institutions, and sports facilities. About 26% is for roads, footpaths, and additional infrastructure, while 13% of the project will be used for lakes, parks, and other beautification projects.

Current State

A garden of vegetables
Many people are cultivating vegetables in their Purbachal plots

Development in Purbachal New Town is in full swing. Almost 80% of land development work is just about finished now. Of the allocated 25,016 plots, more than 13 thousand have already been handed over to their respective owners. Preparation to build all necessary roads and bridges are also complete. The next step of the plan is to stock sufficient LP gas and ensure its supply to all the sectors of the project.

Bangladesh’s navy was given the responsibility of building the needed 62 bridges of RAJUK Purbachal project; of which, more than 30 are already finished. Work is moving rapidly to finish up the rest as well. And the connecting 300 feet expressway between Pragati Sarani and Airport Road is also just about complete.

All of this talk was about development on a large scale; now let’s get to a more personal level. Many who have received their allocated plots are beginning to erect boundary walls and planting trees. These will help them stake their ownership of the land.

Future Plan

RAJUK Purbachal
The first signs of urbanization can be seen in Purbachal

Many commercial and government institutions will be moved to Purbachal New Town, including the HQ of the fire service. Two police lines and four police stations will be built there to provide 24/7 security.

There is also a plan to build a 142 storey skyscraper on top of 74 acres of land in Purbachal. It will be a very tall structure and have sports complexes as well as the capability to host international conferences. There are ongoing talks with the US-based KPC Group about the structure.

Besides these, the main objective of this enormous project, building homes to meet the future housing need, is also in the works. 38% of the entire project will be used for housing purposes. 62 thousand flats on top of 90-acres of land will be built for middle and low-income families. Because of this, RAJUK Purbachal is about to become a beloved area to people associated with the real estate industry as well as the general populace.

What Makes RAJUK Purbachal Project so Attractive to those in Bangladesh’s Real Estate Sector

A road in Purbachal
Purbachal is a very desirable location for those working in the real estate industry

The presence of a 300-foot Purbachal highway, a 180 foot Dhaka city bypass road, a 150-foot Dhaka-Sylhet road, and the proposed 300-foot highway from Purbachal Kanchan Bridge to Dhaka-Sylhet highway will surely make traveling to this region from Dhaka city a breeze. It will also save a ton of time. You can reach Purbachal using Uttara or Airport road, Kuril Flyover, Jatrabari Flyover, Chattogram Road (Kanchpur Bridge), Pachdona, Narsingdi, or Vulta-Gausia. As such, RAJUK Purbachal is a very desirable location for anyone related to the real estate sector.

The blueprint and design of this modern project were designed by some of the most e experienced & popular architects, engineers, city planners, and environmentalists. It will have all the elements of modern, comfortable life. To eliminate the biggest problem of Dhaka city, traffic jam, the project will have roads that are 30, 40, 60, and even 80 feet wide! Also, the construction cost of buildings will be less since the area is in a flood-free zone and requires less piling. And as people begin to move to the area, security is bound to be unmatched.

It’s only natural to have the eyes of every real estate company in such an area. Many other similarly attractive projects are also being constructed in nearby areas, one such being the Bproperty Village in Purbachal Marine City.

The work in RAJUK Purbachal New Town is going at a much faster pace than any other areas of Dhaka. So we can easily say that Dhaka city will change a lot in the next 10 years. And Purbachal will be at the center of this change.

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