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No matter how cozy your new life is, it is still very common for students to miss home at some point during their university experience. This is entirely natural, particularly because for many students this will be their first time living away from home.

Whether you are coming from another part of the city or another country entirely, it is important for students to feel at home. This is primarily because being in a comfortable environment creates an atmosphere that encourages academic success.

Today, we share some factors which can help create the perfect environment for studying and academic growth.


If you decide to live off campus, you will want to choose an area or property which has good security. Before moving in, make sure your check all locks, doors and windows are in working order. Get to know your roommates and ask around about the area you are moving to.

Tip: it is better to budget for living in other areas than sacrifice good security in an unsafe location. Feeling safe is crucial for how comfortable you will feel in your new home.


Student living space should be a short distance from school and classes, or at least have good public transport connections. If you are thinking of living on campus, select housing which also has the bus or shuttle close by so you won’t be late to class. Transportation is certainly the biggest convenience to consider when choosing where to live.

Tip: If you’re going to be living on campus, you may as well choose housing that is close to the library! It is an added convenience that may help you during long study nights. Plus, it will save you having to walk long distances at unsafe hours.


Clean and friendly environments are also very important. Whether on or off campus, choose housing which offers that next step to make you feel more at ease. In shared accommodation, the bedroom and washroom should be clean and hygienic, as with large groups of people it is important to prevent the spreading of illness.

Tip: friendly living and outdoor spaces are an added bonus, as these are areas where you can relax and keep your mind rested during your down time.


How much the property will cost you will be top of mind for many students. In fact, this factor can override all the others. As a student, you will have to sit down and think of a budget that is realistic and achievable. Spend time finding a place that is the right fit for your finances. You shouldn’t sacrifice important property features, but you also shouldn’t spend all of your money on an apartment in your dream location if it is beyond your financial means.

Tip: Finding reliable roommates and friends to live with is a great way to share costs. You could find a bigger place and share rooms to pay a lot less.

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