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Although the concept of studio apartments has been around for a long time, it is still relatively new in our country. Many people wonder what a studio apartment consists of, and what perks there are when living in a studio apartment. Today, we will be discussing these concerns in this article. Without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at the perks of living in a studio apartment.

What Is A Studio Apartment?

Studio Apartment
You get everything in one room

Before we jump into the perks of living in a studio apartment, we have to know what a studio apartment is. A studio apartment consists of one single room where you will live, sleep, eat, and even cook your food. It has a lot of open space which will act as a bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen – all in one. For those who don’t like living in a compact apartment with small rooms, the studio apartment is a great alternative. Even though the apartment is very small, it doesn’t feel like it, as there is a lot of open space. This is one of the best perks of living in a studio apartment.

Perks Of Living In A Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment
The studio apartment is a smart solution for students and travelers

Moving from one place to another can be very hectic. It is very difficult to put everything in place while moving to a new town, city, or country. There isn’t much time in hand, and money is tight. The studio apartment is the best solution for all these problems. It is a refuge from your hectic life – a place where you can build a small world for yourself. Let’s take a look at the different perks of living in a studio apartment.

Less Furniture

Since a studio apartment only consists of one room, you don’t have to worry about picking out different pieces of furniture for different rooms. When buying furniture for studio apartments, you have to show restraint as you cannot fit everything inside. This is a great opportunity to incorporate minimalist concepts into your decor.

Easy To Clean

The studio apartment has a lot of open space and a minimum amount of furniture, all within a small space. This makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. It won’t take much time to clean a studio apartment. Regular apartments can take a long time to clean as there are multiple rooms. You won’t have to worry about that with a studio apartment, as they’re very easy to clean.

Lower Utility Bills

Since studio apartments are compact in size, utility bills are minimal. This is one of the most important factors for those living in a studio apartment. Only one or two lights and two fans at best are required to live comfortably inside a studio apartment. Maintenance costs are also minimal. In this case, more rooms mean more expenses, and studio apartments consist of only the one room.


Studio apartments create a lot less waste, as they are small in size. There will be less trash, as well as lower electricity and water consumption. This makes living in a studio apartment a more eco-friendly option.

Ready For Sale

The size of studio apartments also makes it easier to sell when you’re looking to cash in on the apartment. There’s a huge demand in real estate for studio apartments, so you will not have to look far for buyers.

Time For Relaxing

Inside a studio apartment, you can create your own relaxation corner. While living in a studio apartment, it is easier to achieve privacy for yourself so that you can relax by yourself or with loved ones.

Easy To Rent For Travellers

When traveling abroad, studio apartments are the most convenient option for travelers. They’re budget-friendly, can be made to be Instagram friendly with modern decor, and also have all the perks mentioned above!

There are so many benefits of living in a studio apartment, as we can see from the points mentioned above. You will be able to save a lot of money while living in a studio apartment, which can be spent enjoying life. They are also a joy to decorate. Here are some great tips for decorating your studio apartment. Also, if you’re on the hunt for studio apartments, do check out the Bproperty website for more information.

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