Universities have long served as a platform for freethinking individuals to open their minds to the world around them. Yet, it is not just what goes on inside academic institutions which have inspired the global community, but also what is happening on the outside.

We have highlighted some of the world’s most architecturally impressive universities that have inspired students and observers alike, inside and out.

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is one of the most impressive examples of architectural design. Built in the early 1950s by some of the most prestigious Mexican architects and painters, UNAM’s central campus is known for being one of the most aesthetically beautiful universities in Latin America.

In 2007, UNAM was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Asia.

The futuristic design blends perfectly with its natural surroundings. Most impressive of all is the building’s green rooftop. Not only is this beautiful green feature a meeting space for students, but it also serves as a natural insulator and makes use of Singapore’s frequent rainstorms by harvesting the rainwater in order to be self-sustainable.

The Ray and Maria Stata Center at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Designed by award-winning architect Frank Gehry, the Ray and Maria Stata Center is an imaginative structure that is home to MIT’s classrooms and research facilities.

Frank Gehry’s incredible work has been considered a metaphor for freedom and creativity that takes place inside its walls.

Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s VCA offers a diverse curriculum to its students in six different academic disciplines, ranging from fine art to a specialized drama program. Such high levels of creativity are reflected in the design of the building. The School of Drama is a refreshing burst of color and unique design amongst the historical architecture that makes up the rest of the Victorian College of Arts.

Edinburgh Napier University Lecture Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland

One of Scotland’s oldest universities, the University of Edinburgh is comprised mainly of old historic buildings. But one stands out from the crowd, resembling an alien spacecraft that has landed right in the heart of the picturesque Scottish city.

Nicknamed ‘the bike light’ and ‘the Napier Egg’, the futuristic design of Edinburgh’s Napier University lecture hall is one of a kind. The main wall is made entirely out of glass, allowing natural light to pour in and creating a unique space where students can come together for lectures.

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