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Bproperty is proud to announce its new breakthrough in Bangladesh real estate industry through inaugurating the first ever Marketplace at Banani (Road no. 11), Dhaka on 18 April 2018. In the opening ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer, Mark Nosworthy and all the high officials of the organization were present along with colossal number of media representatives.

The company asserts to be the satellite office; pledged to stand as the corporeal presence of the largest real estate marketplace of Bangladesh owning broadest property inventory. Hence, the team is proud to let you know why and how this marketplace would be supporting to your every property need.

First of its kind marketplace for real estate

The banani office interior of Bproperty
Very first presence of marketplace for Bangladeshi Real Estate

The launched Marketplace is the first of its kind as many other real estate companies of Bangladesh are still very concentrated and not ardently stepping up to determine a property finder’s need and cater the solutions to their threshold. However, Bproperty has interceded a long way since its beginning in 2016, soaring up to the headway through impressive partake in Rehab Fair 2017 as one of the Co-sponsors. After receiving overwhelming responses by the property hunters, the company has embarked its new face ‘Bproperty Marketplace’ being the first-ever platform to prosecute all sorts of property dealings directly. Now you can visit and talk to the experts 7 days a week between 10 am to 8 pm. However, Bproperty Marketplace promises to deliver support with excellence to all visitors and customers. 

Meet Your Property Experts

The property expert team from Bproperty
Come and speak to the property experts at your convenience!

Now it is time to meet the property experts in person for all the questions and concerns surrounding your property need and real estate world. Meanwhile, the team promises to help by pinpointing your property need, listening to your demands and providing you with the best one-stop solution you can ever seize. Furthermore, the experts are here to give you authentic advice on properties and existing market knowledge on property and pricing trends, legal and financial support etc. Moreover, Bproperty experts are here to help you save your money and time so you make the right decision for yourself. 

Easy Access For ALL

The CEO of Bproperty attending a curious client
Anyone and everyone has access over here to avail the unique service

Bproperty Marketplace awaits the visitors to be not only those who look for properties but also the speculative mass eager to know about Bangladeshi real estate market. However, any individual can walk in and one of the property experts would attend them dedicating ample amount of time to serve the need or query. Now onwards, Bproperty would generally connect buyers and sellers under one roof and associate property transactions in the most crosscut procedure ever.

Property experts from Bproperty offer the most innovative service for real estate consumers all over Bangladesh. Whether you are looking for an apartment in Dhaka or any other city or even across the border, Bproperty experts are steadfast to reach once you acknowledge your next property requirement. The company has shaped their leading service demanded by the current economy and changed perception of real estate players over the time. Unlike other realtors, Bproperty does not only settle down the property deal but also facilitate solutions like financial, legal vetting and multiple options needed to perk up the investment successful. By 2018, the company envisions to spread its service wing with a prospect of being the future of real estate in Bangladesh.

The experiences and intervention of their clients have driven the team to deliver the smartest real estate solutions to the native and overseas consumers. So come and speak to one of your property experts and experience the best real estate deal you would ever witness!

Happy property searching!

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