It is clear that throughout the world we are using way too much energy. As countries like Bangladesh rapidly develop, they are adding to the problem; with large factories leaving a far spanning carbon footprint. The first step is to get your own house in order.

You might be surprised by our list of the top electricity consuming appliances; but once you realize, you can be more careful. A lot of people keep everything switched on; even when it is out of use during the night. Being more tuned in to what is driving up your bills, will save the environment and also help your wallet.


Number one on our list is the home for perishable food. This humming behemoth that keeps our food chilled will often have an energy rating of 30-200 kWh/month. The problem with large appliances is that they can have a wide range of possible wattage. Some of the new, hi tech-efficiency models can be as high as 400 kWh/year.

Buying a new one might be out of the question; if so you can just get smart about how you use it. Label food and keep it well organized so the door is not open for long.

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In dry climates like Bangladesh, this appliance will come in handy, to get the moisture out of the air. It will save you on expensive refurbishment down the line, as it can prevent mold from growing. People keep these machines on all through the day and the energy usage can really creep up. This machine could consume up to 160 kWh/ month, ranking it worse than the fridge.

A tip here is to set the thermostat to around 50 percent humidity or upgrade to a digital one.

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Water Heater

This is probably the one everyone thinks of. With an average consumption of 400 kWh per month, it a powerful consumer. It is used daily: showering, cleaning dishes, clothes all use it up.

Remove a quart of water every two to three months and this will limit sediment collection. The one you really should be doing is limiting your shower time and the heat of the water.

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Air Conditioning

A must-have in hot countries like Bangladesh, and a feature of most modern apartments. The output depends on the type of unit, its capacity and efficiency rating. You can use between 200-650 kWh per month for a window unit AC, 700-800 for a heat pump and 400- 800 for central air systems. The main advice here is to have a professional take a look at fluid levels and insulation, once every 18 months.

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Heating System

The house heating system is definitely one of the top offenders. The range is huge, with between 150- 3000 kWh per month.

kWh per month:

Portable: 200-300

Heat pump: 900-2000

Electric furnace: 1500-3500

A key tip here is to seal and insulate your home’s ducts and make sure that the vents are unblocked.

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