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A major city in the northeast of Bangladesh, Sylhet is surrounded by tea estates, river valleys, and hills. While it is less popular in comparison to other hotspots, its historical and cultural landmarks are enticing, and the landscapes are a sight to behold.

This city came into existence during the late 1800s and has since risen to become a focal point, as a result of the production of Bangladesh’s tea yield and natural gas. Popular also for cane, citrus, timber, and agarwood, it really is a major contributor to the country’s GDP.


Despite being a small city, Sylhet’s transformation has been drastic. It is evident when you look at the residential properties, built to the highest luxury, as well as improved water and power supply network, roadwork and communications. The potential resources available in Sylhet led to a rapid increase in both foreign and local investment, a consequence of which was the construction of hotels, resorts, and improvements to overall infrastructure.

Commercial Activity

Sylhet is a major recipient of remittances from Bangladeshi diaspora, which has been a key element to the economic growth of the city and the region. By 2007 remittance flow had increased to almost $5.5 million dollars.

The government has also created a Special Economic Zone to enable strong economic development with domestic and international markets. The economic boom makes Sylhet a very affluent city, where there is a huge growth of new businesses, especially shopping malls, and an array of high-end restaurants.

Education Facilities

Shahjalal Institute of Technology and Sylhet Agricultural University are considered the best university in Bangladesh. Several other private universities, schools and colleges, including medical colleges, provide top quality education.


There is no shortage of transportation units in the city, with various means available, such as Rickshaw, auto-rickshaws, and taxi cabs. Bus service has been increased by 30 percent since 2008. Moving around is convenient, thanks to a fantastic road network, which facilitates the daily commute.


Security has been increased to protect the locals. Private security firms have established themselves and police patrols have been increased, hence reducing crime rates.

Today, Sylhet has become a great tourist spot with scenic views and admirable fortification. In addition, living costs are significantly lower than in the capital city. The economy and development, as well as luxurious housing opportunities, make it a great place to reside.

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