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There are hundreds, even thousands, of buildings under construction around the world every moment of the day. And it’s amazing to think about how much taller each is getting than the previous one. The tallest building today is so tall that it has 2 different times assigned for sunset and sunrise; one at the top and one at the base. But even if all the buildings now aren’t going to be taller than this one, it’s always fun to look at the tallest buildings under construction today. There are stories behind each one.

One Tower, Moscow

One Tower, Moscow
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The first in our list of tallest buildings under construction is the One Tower in Moscow, Russia. It’s a beautiful construct proposed in 2017 where construction began in 2019. If all goes according to plan, this uniquely designed building will be completed in 2024. It is to have 101 stories with nearly 2000 workers on site. This 1,330 feet tall building will be the second tallest building in Russia upon completion after the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg was completed last year in October.

Central Park Tower, New York

Central Park Tower
The Central Park Tower looks over the park itself courtesy – cityrealty

The amazing Central Park Tower in New York looks over the illustrious Central Park. Proposed in 2010 with construction beginning in 2014, this 98 story, 1550 feet tall residential building is expected to be completed next year in 2020. Sales are open but the price tag is not for the weak hearted. The offering price for the largest property here is $63,000,000, with the smallest being $6,900,000. The tallest buildings under construction sure bring in a lot of money, making them quite worth it for the developers.

Evergrande International Finance Center T1, Hefei

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Inspired by bamboo, the next in our entry of tallest buildings under construction is the Evergrande International Finance Center T1 in Hefei, China. This 112 story, 1699 feet tall building is to be the, as the name suggests, the International Finance Center for the area. It was proposed in 2012 with construction starting in 2016. According to plan, construction will complete in 2021.

Goldin Finance 117, Tanjin

Goldin Finance 117
The building is almost nearing its completion in 2020

The Goldin Finance 117 in Tanjin, China has quite the story to it. Proposed in 2008 with work beginning in 2009, the project was supposed to be completed in 2014. But in 2010, work was suspended and it only began again in 2011. The 128 story, 1,957 feet building is now expected to be completed in 2020. When completed, it will be the 5th tallest building in the world.

Merdeka PNB 118, Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka PNB 118
Not complete and it still looks great! courtesy – straitstimes

The last of our tallest buildings under construction is the tallest in this list and it’s the Merdeka PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 118 story, 2,113 feet tall building was proposed in 2010 with construction beginning after a long delay in 2014. The building is set to complete in 2021 and it will be the tallest building in Malaysia. The entirety of the project will encompass 4305565 square feet of commercial, residential and hotel space.

There are a lot of more interesting tallest buildings under construction in the world we could have spoken about. You may be wondering where the Jeddah Tower is, maybe? Some buildings have other stories to tell and they are for another article. Till then, let us know if you’re in as much awe as we are. The prospect of such tall buildings popping up all over the world is pretty amazing.

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