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The adverse effects of technology on the environment has been haunting humans for a long time. Global Warming, and Climate Change are phrases that have made people conscious about how our actions impacts the Earth. Today there are many new inventions that are designed to be environmentally friendly. These technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the west. Some popular eco-friendly technologies that can make homes better are presented below.

Solar Windows

Solar windows look like a regular windows but with superpowers. These windows let light pass through the glass but captures infra-red light and turns it into energy. These windows are coated with a transparent dye that allows it to store energy.  These windows can usually generate enough energy for an entire household.

Rain Water harvesting Systems

In a tropical climate like ours, this can be a very good tool in the monsoon. Harvesting rain water is one of the most effective ways of saving water. This system can collect enough water to be used in all household activities like washing, cleaning and cooking. Households can save 50 to 60 % of their water requirements using this system.

Smart Power Strips

Most of the energy consumption takes place because we forget to switch off our switch board. The switch boards suck in electricity even when they don’t need them. Thus our appliances like TVs, refrigerators and computers all consume energy they don’t need. Smart power strips can help us in this regard. They will automatically turn off the power to your appliance when they are not using it. They also come with a smart feature that allows users to control the strips using a mobile app. This will do wonders in terms of reducing electricity bills.

Food Recycler

For those who have a garden in their homes, this technology can come in handy for you. Food recyclers can be used as a garbage canister to store all your food waste in. Within 24 hours, this machine will convert your garbage into a fertilizer. These fertilizers can then be used for growing plants in your garden.

Energy Saving Bulbs

New LED lights are already adopted by most households. These little lights have contributed a big difference in energy conservation for households. They consume 80-85% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also emit ten times less carbon dioxide into the environment. LED lights are also very durable, making them very cost effective.

All these inventions are gradually beginning to change the world. However, most of these technologies have not made their way into Bangladeshi homes, even though we are positioned at an environmentally vulnerable point on the Earth. It is time we develop awareness about the consequences of living unsustainable and start adopting nature friendly habits.

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