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All aspects of our lives have felt the touch and the benefits of technology, but none more so than our business and industrial sectors. Technology is deeply rooted in these segments and has helped improve them. Among all sectors, the real estate industry is probably one of its biggest beneficiaries. Housing technology has made real estate much easier. From finding homes to viewing and buying or selling property, housing technology has revolutionized the property market. Real estate buyers and sellers are now closer than ever thanks to the advancements of housing technologies or as many refer to as, PropTech. In our today’s article, we have listed down a few such real estate technologies that are being used every day, some of which, like 3D printed housing, is being heralded as the answer to solving future housing needs.

Online Property listing

List your property - bproperty
Sellers can list their property themselves

There are a growing number of online platforms worldwide that work with real estate listings. Most of them have easily navigable designs that are capable of delivering necessary listing information to the users. This housing technology has been a great blessing as people can now browse hundreds of property listings from their phone and find the property they want. This is a simple, yet effective PropTech that has brought property buying and selling to people’s palms. There are more than a handful of apps and websites full of features to help people find their right home.

Websites like and also offer a few things extra than just finding listing information though. There, you’ll find detailed property information, photo library, video & virtual tour, nearby amenities, price, and much other valuable information to help you decide if the property matches your needs and desires. There are also advanced filtering options when searching for property on these sites to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Mobile Optimized Websites and Apps

phone with graphics in display
Mobile optimized sites are the norm nowadays

Ever since the rise of smart mobile devices among the people, more and more websites & apps are being created that are ‘mobile-friendly’. These sites and apps deliver utmost usability to mobile users. The approach is quite understandable as there are more mobile users today than there are desktop users. In fact, it has become almost mandatory for sites and apps to be ’mobile-friendly’. The real estate industry has been able to make the best of this technology by delivering greater convenience for property buyers and sellers. Consumers can now find all necessary property information from the comfort of their seat any time they want. As for sellers, this housing technology opened a new way to market their property to the sellers.

Housing Technology and Drone

Girl using VR tech
We see new innovations regularly

Since you’ll be viewing the properties from home, photos will be your primary source for getting a general idea about the places. Nowadays, drones are being used to take some amazing photos of properties. The housing industry is getting a lot of benefits thanks to these photos. Being able to see a property from far above gives you a clearer idea about the place. Drone photography is making aerial photography more accessible and taking photos from varying angles. This kind of photos also helps you get a better understanding of the area along with the property; a feat that wasn’t possible with older technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR holds great potential in the real estate sector

The modern world is full of exciting new smart gadgets and devices. Taking advantage of the capabilities of these devices, apps have been created to support Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In Augmented Reality, the camera of the phone is used to take elements from the outside world and change the reality within the phone’s display. This is one of the most exciting PropTech currently available. This housing technology is a wonderful addition to the real estate sector. Interested buyer and sellers both can benefit a lot from it.

On the other side, Virtual reality can also change the definition of the housing industry. It is possible now to create 360-degree photos thanks to a special type of camera. This makes property viewing easier and, the property, more attractive. Buyers would be able to take a complete tour of a property from any location with Virtual Reality’s help.

3D Printing Technology

3d printed home
The real estate industry has already begun using 3D Printing

There’s a good possibility that 3D printing technology will be the way to move forward for the housing industry. It is full of benefits that make it perfect for real estate. The technology greatly cuts down construction time and cost of buildings. As such, many organizations have already started using this technology on an experimental basis. And as expected, it saved both time and money. 3D printing technology has unlimited potential in the real estate sector and will be the solution to future housing problems.

That’s it for our list of housing technologies or PropTech that will change the entire real estate industry. The future looks bright and exciting for those associated with the industry as more technological innovations are introduced. Which other technologies do you think the real estate industry will benefit from using? Let us know in the comments section.

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