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The natural beauty of Bangladesh can be found nationwide. Nature has adorned the country with magnificent and splendid greenery. A visit to Bandarban is all it takes to discover the true extravagance of nature. Truly, there is no better place for backpackers to experience the magic of the hill tracks.

Hotspots of Bandarban

Boga lake

Boga lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. It is a tremendously relaxing area, and when the sun shines bright, you are instantly enchanted by the glimmering blue waters. Since the lake is very high — almost 3,000 feet above the sea level — the sight below will take your breath away, especially in the winter.


Only 50 kilometers away from Bandarban, and more than 500 feet above Bogalake, lies Nilgiri. Famous for the incredible hilly natural views and the sight of the cloud often kissing the peak of the hills. A high-class resort on top of the mountain enables tourists to rest and slowly discover more of the location’s hidden treasures. It is much visited by Bangladeshis and foreigners because the aesthetic pleasure is simply unique. Clouds after clouds come and go and the gentle breeze never ceases to blow.

Rajuk Waterfall, Nafakum and Remakri

Want something breathtaking? Make your way to Rajuk Waterfall. The continuously falling water into the river Sangu from about 300 feet high looks as epic as it sounds beautiful. The mini Niagara falls of Bandarban offers a sight of water surging over the cliff with great force —  a delightful spectacle. Nafakum and Remakri are also great places to visit and offer eye-catching waterfalls. Hire a guide to travel to places that are worth every penny — a lunch at Remakri will remain in your memory for years.


The second highest mountain in Bangladesh is greener than anywhere else in the country. The remote area has no civilization or any form of urbanization. Traveling there is like traveling to a different time and era. The cool fountains and the zigzag path across green hills will please all adventurous people. Sometimes, when the clouds get closer, a game of hide and seek on top of the hill can never go wrong in making splendid memories.

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