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There are things to consider before renting an apartment in order to find the perfect one that fits with your budget as well as lifestyle, whether it’s the first apartment that you are looking for the last one. Before making any concrete decision you should make sure of some vital things that fit your requirements like how the personality of the landlord of your apartment, what you can or can’t do in your apartment, accessibility of the rooftop, demographic condition of the locality around the apartment, etc. Now let’s have a detailed discussion about the overall procedure to help you make a perfect decision.

Doing a background check on the landlord 

Landlord tenant
It is important to know the landlord before renting. Be aware of the landlord-tenant laws as well.

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about how the landlord is as a person. If they have bad ethics or are a bit nosy in nature which is enough to ruin your overall experience of your tenure. To avoid this situation, you must meet with the landlord in person or at least have a conversation over the phone to get an overall idea about his or her personality beforehand. A landlord can avoid and fix the mistakes if they want to easily. There is not much to do. If you’re planning to move in with other roommates then have a group discussion to reach a consensus about what everyone thinks based on their meeting experience. There are some important things to ask the landlord before renting an apartment that you need to follow.

Checking the apartment quality and location of the neighborhood 

Never make any erratic decision based on online information or oral description about the quality of the apartment or the locality and neighborhood. Most of the time the facts don’t add up with reality. So among the things to consider before renting, it is very important to check out the apartment quality and security of the locality focusing on the crime rates around the neighborhood in person. If possible, conduct a proper inspection of the condition that the apartment is in. Walk around the neighborhood and spend some time assessing the facilities around the locality, safety records, and demographics of the area. Moreover, inspect the rules of the community, traffic, and parking regulations, etc.

Having clear conceptions about the changes that you can make to the apartment 

Rental house
Have a clear idea about what you can modify and fix in the house.

While renting an apartment, you need to keep in mind that this apartment is going to be your home for the foreseeable future. So, it’s only logical that at some point you might want to bring some changes around or modify the apartment for better adjustment with your taste or lifestyle. One of the important things to consider before renting is to have a clear agreement with your landlord about what changes you can make to the apartment and also the repair policy. As it is very common to face issues like broken pipes or windows, rust, mold, electrical problems, etc. over a long period. So it’s better to have a clear idea beforehand about the responsibilities of both parties. As a tenant, you can enjoy numerous rights that come with some responsibilities as well. To know about how you can decorate your rental home, read this blog.

Rooftop accessibility

Fourthly, if you plan to utilize the rooftop space of your apartment for personal reasons from time to time or on a regular basis, it’s vital to inquire about the policy of rooftop accessibility from the owner. Not all apartment buildings have similar policies on this kind of thing. So it’s better to learn about the rules beforehand and make a comparison with your requirements. To have a convenient living experience, inquiring about these rules is very important among the things to consider before renting.

Guest, roommate, and pet policy

In addition to the things to consider before renting an apartment, you have to learn about the policy of guest, roommate, and pet. Different people have different requirements and so you may have your ones as well in this case. So, it is better to have a direct conversation with the owner to understand if the policies are in accordance with your preference or requirements. If you have pets, you need to check if you have vets in the locality you are moving to.

Payment procedures and other facilities

Lastly, you need to be aware of the rent payment procedure and the onsite facilities of the apartment building. You have to learn about the advance payment policy and the due date of rent payment each month. Moreover, check out the security system of the building, elevator availability, etc.

Renting Real Estate in Bangladesh: A Tenant’s Journey
Renting Real Estate in Bangladesh: A Tenant’s Journey

Renting an apartment is a very complicated procedure if you want a perfect living space that matches your lifestyle and taste with a secured location. Therefore avoiding all the mistakes while renting is important. In a word, you cannot just jump into any decision while apartment hunting based on any incomplete analysis. Bproperty henceforth is always there to assist you with all the complete solutions of property with all the legal support, be it rental, buy, sale, or interior design. Rent your house digitally through Bproperty now and know about the benefits of renting through online marketplaces!

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