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Looking into the future a couple of decades from now on, is it too crazy to think that instead of birds, our skies will be filled with flying drones with our  home delivery orders? The idea might seem a tad bit far fetched but it’s actually quite possible. Technology is rapidly improving and so are our living conditions. Read below to know how we predict what our future homes might look like in the realm of housing and real estate.

3D printers for every home

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3D printed homes take significantly lesser amount of time to construct

The concept of 3D printers has already been introduced in a few countries. It appears that Printable Homes are the future. Last March, a construction technology company called ‘Icon’ introduced a 3D Printer in the market. They even built a tiny home of 350 square feet in under 48 hours. While this invention has definitely created a buzz in the housing industry, just like everything else, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. However, the creators of this extraordinary machine claimed that it could construct an even bigger structure in less time if it had the ability to run faster.  Since last year, Icon has introduced and sold an upgraded version of the previous printer. They have allowed us to take a glimpse into the future and how our future homes could look like.

Now that we are aware of it, let us tell you why this might work. 3D printers are an expensive purchase but they reduce the cost of construction significantly. Moreover, where the traditional method of building concrete buildings takes a year or so, 3D printers can make that happen within a few days! As it seems, in the future, we will have buildings that will come along with such technology where we will be able to mould our future homes, and add or deduct space the way we’d like to. The possibility doesn’t seem too exaggerated now, does it?

Mobile homes

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Smart homes will be the norm of our future

Speaking of futuristic homes, the location of the homes will be quite different as well. Floating homes ( boats and ships), high tech homes built on top of mountains and movable houses will be the norm of the future. These smart homes may or may not be temporary but the important factor is that they will provide shelter.

Underground houses

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Everything will be intertwined with tech

Living spaces will come with added usability. Underground homes will be perfect for those areas prone to natural disasters. These smart homes might come with advanced energy generation and conservation options – solar panels attached to the roof along with smart home technologies that will add to the easy living bit.

Futuristic homes will allow us to have flexible layouts suited to our needs. Need to check the temperature of your home? There’s an app for that. Need to monitor your health or if you’re sleeping well at night? There will probably be an app for that, too. Japan has already introduced robots to serve guests at a hotel, so having outrageous assumptions in terms of technological advancement doesn’t sound too crazy since most of these developments are already in the process of creation.

What do you think our future homes might look like in the upcoming years? Let us know in the comment section below.

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