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The word ‘bug’ or ‘insect’ has a bad connotation to it. The reason why they evoke such aversion lies in their horrible acts of destruction and filthiness. These unwelcome guests are inevitable and we are helpless about it. The infestation of insects has been troubling us for centuries now. Be it winter or summer, insects will always be there to ravage your home. If not handled properly, they can slowly invade your entire house by creating a base starting from one of the most insect prone areas, the kitchen. 

Here we have put together a list of natural remedies that you can use to repel bugs and keep your kitchen bug-free.

Natural Remedies To Keep Your Kitchen Bug-free

The kitchen is an integral part of your house that needs to be maintained properly for good hygiene upkeep. There are plenty of insect repellents out there but considering you are applying the solution to your kitchen, concerns regarding safety and hygiene can arise. This is where natural remedies can benefit you.

Secure The Closet

The infestation of bugs in the closet is nothing new. For ages, we have been suffering from this bugs-in-the-closet problems. But not anymore. Scatter some dried neem leaves across the closet or tie them up in a clean piece of cloth to hang somewhere in the closet. Over time,  insect infestation will drastically decrease. You can also use nigella seeds as a substitute for this method.

Sugar Jar and Ants

Ants are more likely to be attracted by sugary foods than sugar itself but that doesn’t mean the jar full of sugar in your kitchen is safe. Sugar is an easy and dense source of energy for ants and when they get a hold on to a source like a jar full of sugar, it is only natural for them to act on needs. So yes, it can be quite troublesome for us to let them do that. To get rid of this ant problem place one or two cloves in the jar. It will help you keep your sugar safe from ants and also it is very safe for you.

Remedy From Termite

Termite infestations in beds or walls are not uncommon. Also, they can get very nasty as termites primarily feed on wood, damage paper, books, and insulation. One of the ways you can get rid of termites is by applying a mixture of paraffin and camphor powder directly on them or to their nests. The swiftness of the results will surprise you.

Vinegar Them Out

Vinegar is great for keeping bugs away from your kitchen and is also abundant. You can easily make a water-vinegar solution at home. Mix vinegar and water at a ratio of 1:2 respectively and spray the solution to every corner of the kitchen. This will help reduce various forms of infestations.

The Cucumber Solution

Cockroaches are everywhere and are almost unavoidable. Now you can call pest control to get you out of the cockroach misery or you can use the help of cucumbers. All you have to do is to put slices of cucumbers in places you’ve noticed the cockroaches. The smell of cucumbers will keep them away because cucumbers stop the growth of harmful microbes, which acts as a barrier to cockroaches. Replace the cucumber slices as needed, usually once a week.

In addition to placing the slices, you can use the cucumber’s peel to make a trap. Cucumber peels, when placed in aluminum, can interact with the metal and produce such a stink, to the point where cockroaches may die off.

Black Pepper Paste

Just like cucumber, black pepper can also help you rid your home of cockroaches. To do that, make a paste out of black pepper, onion, garlic, and water. Also, make it diluted enough to be used as a spray solution. Now apply the solution to all those areas where you have noticed cockroaches. This works with not only cockroaches but also other insects too.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has an adverse effect on bugs. Most of them are averse to the smell of peppermint oil, so this can be a very effective solution against bugs. Add ten to fifteen drops of oil with two cups of water and give it a proper mix. Spray the solution to every corner of your kitchen. You can also add vinegar with the peppermint oil.

Mint Leaf 

Another effective remedy against bugs is to use mint leaves. Since mint has a strong scent to it, bugs usually don’t come near it. You can place the leaves all over the areas of your kitchen or place them in the most insect prone areas of your kitchen like the shelf, storage closet, under the sink, and so on. You can also add other supplements like garlic and cayenne pepper with mint to use as a spray solution. If you want to use just mint leaves, crush them first. Use your hands to crush several fresh mint leaves. Then add them to small bags to place around your home or patio.

These are some of the most organic methods that you can use to keep your kitchen bug-free. You can always use repellents but you might have to compromise health and safety. If you don’t want to make those compromises, these homemade remedies can benefit you in the most natural way possible.

What do you think is best to repel bugs away from your kitchen? Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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