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Regardless of the time of the year, dust can build up throughout your home. No matter how much you try to keep your home dust-free if you are not cleaning routinely, dust build-up is inevitable. But when it comes to creating health issues, dust is not actually the culprit, rather it’s the allergens including dust mites that cause all sorts of problems. These allergens can trigger asthma symptoms, such as wheezing or coughing, or another allergic reaction. So to keep you and your family safe, it is important to know how to prevent dust mites and dust build-up in your home. Here are some tips to prevent dust mites from your home.


One of the most useful tips to prevent dust mites is to keep your windows closed

For people with allergies, it is wise not to use window or attic fans. They can bring air-containing pollen, mold spores, and other allergens into your home. Instead, use air conditioning so you do not have to open windows. Also, use an air purifier with a special high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and Plasmawave technology. This can help remove allergens from the air in your home.

Furniture, carpets, and tiles

If possible, don’t use carpets in your home. They collect more dust than anything else

Avoid using carpet and heavy drapes otherwise they will collect dust. And stop covering furniture with fabrics for similar reasons. You can use tight-weave fabric for the pillow and mattress that keeps out dust and mites. Use furniture made of wood, plastic, leather, or vinyl so that you can easily wipe them clean.

Use of rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting should be avoided. Talk to your family and let them know about how this will affect family life. Even if you can’t remove carpeting throughout the home, consider removing it only in the bedroom. If you must then, use smaller rugs (throw rugs, area rugs) that you can easily wash. Keeping this fact in mind will help you choose the right carpet.

Also, use tiles that collect less dust. Use good quality tile cleaner and disinfectant to clean and disinfect the tiles and remove stains and dust. Consider replacing the blinds and drapes with roll-down shades and washable curtains. Besides, remove every dust-collecting item from your home including stuffed toys, wall hangings, books, and artificial flowers.


Of all the tips to prevent dust mites, keeping your kitchen clean is the most important one

An unclean kitchen is perfect for bacteria, germs, and dust mites to dwell around. That is why keep your kitchen clean and dry to prevent mold and grease build-up. Organize everything to tidy up the kitchen. Keep two dustbins, one for throwing dry stuff and one for wet.

Controlling dust mites

Vacuum your home routinely

Dust mites are microscopic. That’s why you can’t just prevent them, rather you have to control them. To do that make sure to keep the house dry. And try to keep the moisture level (humidity) below 50%, because dust mites don’t thrive in dry conditions. Plants and fish tanks add to humidity, so keep these out of the bedroom. Only dry vacuuming doesn’t pick up dust mites. Consider steam cleaning carpets whenever possible to kill the dust mite with the heat.

Preventing dust build-up is not an easy task but it can be tackled if you clean your house routinely. To get all the latest property updates, download the Bproperty app today!
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