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We live inside brick homes bereft of fresh air and sunlight. After all, our homes are there to protect us from the harsh forces of mother nature. That is a small sacrifice that we make. But wait! There is one place where we can breathe and bask in the sun without leaving the comforts of our homes – our balconies. And they come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small your balcony is, it is important that you turn it into your own little piece of paradise. A cozy balcony where you can sit back, relax, and appreciate your surroundings; your place of zen. So how do you turn your balcony into the ideal place of relaxation? That’s where we come in! Sit back, relax, and let us show you some amazing tips for relaxing balconies.


Plating Pots
Keep some greenery

Packing your balcony with plants and greenery will give it a backyard garden vibe. But don’t just clutter your balcony with many small plants. Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to balcony decor. A few large plants will look a lot less cluttered and give you more space for comfort. Also, limit the variety of plants to two or three for simplicity. There is also a need for uniformity when choosing what kind of pots to keep the plants in. Be sure to stick to similar colors and designs. 

You could utilize your wall space in the balcony, where you can place hanging plants or pots. Alternatively, you could surround your balcony with flowers. This can be done by planting flowers on planters or pots and then hanging them from the railings of the balcony. As a result, your balcony will look colorful. This will create positive feelings within you when you enter your balcony, which goes a long way towards creating the ideal balcony for relaxation. Following the tips for relaxing balconies mentioned above will add a touch of nature to your beautiful balcony.


Chair, Coffee, and a Glass of Water
Create a relaxing mood

Now that greenery has been sorted out, you need somewhere to sit and appreciate it all, no? Setting up furniture for your balcony is no mean feat, but keeping a few things in mind will ease the process. First, you could install built-in benches, to maximize on space. If that seems like too much of a hassle, a couple of chairs will do. Add a small table if there’s space. This will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee, or work on your laptop in the balcony. Be sure to buy or source furniture that will survive harsh weather conditions as your balcony is exposed to the forces of nature. 

If you’re looking for efficiency when it comes to space, but also don’t want to miss out on having furniture in your balcony, look towards folding furniture. They can be removed when you need extra space. For maximum relaxation, make sure there is someplace where you can recline. A lounge chair is perfect for that! If you’re looking for vacation vibes, hanging chairs or a hammock are perfect. Lying down on a hammock and reading your favorite book in the daylight would be perfect. If you’ve got space in your balcony, don’t overcrowd it with furniture. Leave some space for walking. Remember, less is more!


Sofa Set
Keep your balcony decorated

With our main aim being comfort, the decorative items that I will be mentioning won’t just serve the purposes of decoration, they will be adding comfort and will create a relaxing mood in the atmosphere. If you are renting your home, it’s wiser to not invest in furniture for your balcony. Throwing in some floor pillows should get the job done. They will be a comfortable place to sit and add some color to your balcony. Be sure to get pillows that can weather the different seasons.

A colorful rug on the balcony floor will do wonders. Outdoor rugs are the perfect type of rug for this. They are both durable and have pretty patterns. And when paired with the proper furniture, it can change the whole outlook of your balcony. You could also hang paintings on your walls, giving your balcony a fresh look. The aforementioned tips for relaxing balconies will surely liven things, and make things feel more cheerful.


Dimmed Lights
Have provisions for lighting

We’re almost at the end of our journey towards creating your ideal balcony for relaxation. There are some small things left to do for creating the perfect ambiance of relaxation. First, we have to talk about lighting. In the daytime, your balcony will be getting a lot of natural light. Sometimes, the sunlight can be too harsh, and its heat and intensity will make it difficult for you to relax. If you’re facing such problems, add an awning to shield yourself from the scorching sunlight. If paired well with your balcony decor, the awning will look fantastic!

Lighting is another important part of the overall ambiance. People tend to use colorful dimmed lights in their balcony. But dimmed lights are not that effective, as there is often already more light coming in from outside, especially in cities. And these colors are not suitable for creating a relaxing mood. Mellow yellow lights will create the perfect mood for you to relax. If your balcony is large, brighter lights might look nice as well. Privacy is also important when creating a cozy balcony. Strategically placed tall plants can create a natural wall between neighboring balconies.

Following the tips for relaxing balconies mentioned above, you can turn your balcony into a little corner of heaven inside your home. In your cozy balcony, you can have your morning coffee in peace, read your favorite books, and spend quality time with loved ones. Our Bproperty blog has other articles like this where you can get the latest tips and trends to improve your home. Do let us know what you thought of the tips for relaxing balconies in the comments section below.

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