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Say you have an appointment at 09:30 am in Banani and your house is located in Mirpur. Usually, to stay more careful, it is wise to start at 08:00 am so that you can reach to Banani on time. Do you still think you can make it? The honest answer would be, ‘it depends.’ Living in Dhaka, we all are accustomed to the idea of unexpected traffic no matter where we go. Mirpur is no exception and especially during the rush hours. Alongside, if you use public transport, then you would have to be extra alert in this matter. Even though the traffic is the biggest concern; yet, there are ways of avoiding traffic jams on your way to Banani from Mirpur. Let’s see and find out all the tips and tricks we have for you.

Take The ‘Seating Bus Service’ For Begum Rokeya Avenue Road

Mirpur Circle 10
You will easily find the desired bus waiting a few minutes in Mirpur Circle 10

Begum Rokeya Avenue is the busiest road in the area as it directly connects Mirpur to the rest of the prominent neighborhoods of Dhaka. Usually, the public transports use this road for the frequent movements. Hence, it creates the majority of traffic jams observed in this area. The traffic worsens with time and reaches the peak during the office rush-hours.

If you are to take this road, then you would prefer going for the seating bus service. There are few buses available currently, and Aleef has the best service so far. The reason is, they have specific stoppage and therefore, they do not make unnecessary stops which will save your time. Moreover, the fare is BDT 20 only. It works if you commute between 07:30 am and 08:00 am. After that, you will have no choice but to surrender to deadly traffic on this particular road.

Tips and Tricks for The Short (long) Cut Route

Going via ECB circle is one of the best ways of avoiding traffic jam for this route
Going via ECB circle is one of the best ways of avoiding traffic jams on this route

Technically it would be the shortest route to Banani based on commute time but practically you will have to travel the most the distance on this route. Only because it involves going through Kalshi road, via ECB Circle to the Airport road. You would not mind the extra miles if it gets you to the destination on time. Here, you can take the orange Rob Rob bus or the other one named Galaxy from Mirpur 11 or 10 bus stand and you will be able to reach Banani directly. It will cost you BDT 25. Moreover, you will face less traffic here compared to the previous one as not many public transports are allowed to use this road. If you are in no rush, then this is one of the best ways of avoiding traffic jams.

Via Mirpur Cantonment

Tips and tricks, use trust bus service
If you are really in a rush, use Trust Bus Service and you will get there the fastest

To be precise, not many people prefer going to Banani via Mirpur Cantonment as there are no direct transports. Meaning, you will have to take multiple transportation services. Although, this is by far the fastest route and has the least traffic due to military restrictions. So, if you are running late and need to avoid traffic, you can do the following.

First, make your way to Mirpur Circle 10. From there take the Trust Bus Service. It will get you across the cantonment and drop you near Soinik Club Bus Stop. Then, you will need to cross the Banani overpass and get to the other side of the road. From there, a rickshaw can easily escort you to your destination. The only downside is, it will cost you more than the other two routes but undoubtedly will get you the fastest.

One last tip for people living in Mirpur, the best time to commute from here is around 07:00 am. A little deviation might result in heavy traffic considering the ongoing Metro Rail construction. So, plan your schedule in that manner to avoid the traffic in this area.

Bproperty hopes you will be amply benefitted by these mentioned tips and tricks to combat scary traffic in Dhaka city; especially to those residing in Mirpur. We will get back to you with such tips for other localities as well. Stay tuned with us!

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