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The environment you are in can have a great deal of influence on mood and productivity. And since many of us spend a large part of the day in the office, we put in great effort in office decoration. To some extent, it is the home away from home, unless you have an actual home office. Even then, there are many ways to organize a home office to increase productivity and mood. As for decorating office or workspace, you can customize it in several ways that will reflect who you are, boost mood & productivity as well as motivate & re-energize you during those long hours.

Add Some Inspiring Colors

Decorating office with the right color can open up your mind, re-energize and motivate you
Decorating office with the right color can open up your mind, re-energize and motivate you

Colors have the ability to alter how you feel at work and determine your mindset. Surrounding yourself with the right color palette will create an encouraging mindset. For example, the color blue is often found to be quite soothing, while yellow can inspire creativity. Experts also suggest to surround yourself with red if your work is more active and green if the work is high-pressured since the color has a relaxing effect on the mind. Coloring a wall or two with the appropriate palette will have the most desired effect. However, you can also just add items of such colors when decorating office. This can be in the form of pen holders, decorative items, and picture frames.

Place Lively Greenery

Plants can be a great workspace decoration item to increase productivity
Plants can be a great workspace decoration item to increase productivity

There are countless benefits of houseplants, and the best thing is, they are just as perfect for office decoration as they are for homes. Many studies have found that greenery helps us focus better and concentrate on work. Viewing them gradually calms our nerves while sharpening our mind. This is where the effect of the color green originates from since green is associated with nature. You don’t need large plants to achieve this effect either; just us one or two potted plants for office decoration.

Lighting Matters

Natural lights when decorating office
Natural light has a more beneficial effect than artificial lights

Lights are more than just for illuminating the workspace. The right intensity of illumination will reduce downtime and improve your productivity. This phenomenon is achieved by delivering visual comfort to reduce eye strain as well as improve alertness. An ill-lit workspace creates a gloomy and dispiriting atmosphere. Natural light is exceptional for countering such an atmosphere. The warm light of the sun has an innate effect on how we feel. Basking in the rays of the sun automatically lifts our mood. Natural lights are also one of the fundamental aspects of green buildings and utilizing it would result in a more environmentally friendly office.

Have a Memento or two

Mementos used in office decoration
Mementos in the workspace are powerful motivational items

There are more than several events throughout our life that hold a special place in our heart. Some of these precious moments were luckily etched on a photograph, a souvenir or maybe a seemingly insignificant item. These items serve as mementos, reminders of those particular events. And when looking back, these fond memories give us joy, inspiration, motivation and maybe even a sense of pride. We spend a lot of time each day in our workspaces, which is why having one or two mementos as office decoration is the perfect way to go.

Show Off Achievements

Trophy used in decorating office
Display your achievements proudly on the table or the wall

We work hard to advance in our educational and professional lives and picked up a few achievements along the way. So instead of tucking them away at home or in some drawer, why not display them prominently at your workspace. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a little. Let people see how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today and see your accomplishments. Whether they are a framed certificate or a plaque commemorating an event, they deserve to be used for decorating office desk or wall. However, don’t forget to carefully pack and label these precious items if shifting to a new office space so as to not lose them.

Hang Paintings

Paintings are sophisticated items for workspace decoration
Paintings are sophisticated items for workspace decoration

Paintings allow you to exhibit your cultural side as well as your view of the world. They are an effective conduit to express your emotions and feelings in a professional environment. Viewing these paintings will help to lessen your frustration and anger. They are also a great conversation starter along with decorative items. People often perceive others favorably if they have similar choices in art. Just one or two paintings will immensely improve your workspace by making it more elegant and beautiful. There are several art galleries in Dhaka where you can purchase paintings by talented artists from.

Don’t Go Overboard

Only have items as workspace decorations that aren't inappropriate
Only have items as workspace decorations that aren’t inappropriate

People now and then go overboard when decorating office. They cram in a lot of stuff that makes the workspace feel messy or clustered. People sometimes also bring in stuff that shouldn’t be in the office space altogether. The best way to ensure you don’t become overzealous is by getting an outside perspective. Others can help you decide what items should be used for office decoration and what should be removed.

There are plenty of organizations and office spaces in Dhaka; where you can personalize your workspace just the way you like it. A few items can help you in workspace decoration as well as help you excel at work.

What items do you have in your workspace decoration? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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