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The prestigious Milan Design Week or ‘Salone’ as it is better known in Italy kicked off this month, displaying the next big trends in interior design from some of the world’s most talented designers.

1. Soft Shapes

The London-based designer Faye Toogood has described how her 2014 collection has been inspired by her recently becoming a mother. Toogood used to produce simple geometric shaped furniture, but explains that having a baby in the house has inspired her to soften sharp corners and make everything “fall-off-able”. The rounded edges certainly bring a calming effect, don’t you think?

2. Natural Textures

Textures from the natural world are finding their way on to wallpaper and onto furniture at this year’s Design Week.

The luxury brand Hermès is bringing back floral for your walls with this retro flowery wallpaper. Florals in spring? Groundbreaking!

Some really innovative work was displayed from Japanese firm Nendo – who had previously showcased office furniture assembled entirely from coins. This year, they are debuting chairs brushed with natural woodgrain patterns. Using laser printing technology, they were able to recreate these beautiful natural wood patterns.

3. Innovative Lighting

London-based studio Poetic Lab this year wowed the Design Week with their ripple-effect lighting. Soothing or nauseating? The jury is out on this one.

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